Friday, 28 September 2012

                                                         MATTHEW COLLINS IN THE EARLY 1990`S

A photograph of Matthew Collins before he was expelled from the National Front, on the right is Terry Blackham who later referred to Collins as a "total complete idiot" , Collins was expelled from the National Front for attempting to incite violence against ethnic minorities.  The psychopathic Collins was also rumoured to have poured ink into a children's pet gold fish bowl, poisoning the fish, resulting in death.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

                                                HOPE NOT HATE LAUNCH ANIMAL ADOPTION SCHEME

Hope Not Hate are now launching an animal adoption scheme aimed at promoting an animal rights side of the organisation, this could place Hope Not Hate at the top of the political left spectrum.  The organisation which consists of "two" individuals are aiming to have financial funding from a number of actors and famous people who support Hope Not Hate.  The idea would be to import exotic species of animals into Britain to be sold as "exotic pets"  currently certain types of animals such as bears and large cats were being trapped and sold off to circuses.  Nick Lowles stated that it would be possible with the correct funding to import animals into the UK to be adopted to appropriate owners who would care for the animals.  Lowles is now in the process of importing giraffes and black panthers and hippopotamuses and kangaroos and other animals and aquatic creatures such as sharks to be placed into private adoption.  An on line payment scheme has now been set up in which the payments go into Lowles personal bank account.

Lowles stated that it is actually quite easy to adopt black panthers and giraffes, there`s just a number of measures you have to take such as not treading on the panther when it`s asleep, hiding hamsters and other rodent pets away, not to joke around with the kangaroos by play fighting, and to avoid dressing up in animal costumes in case the kangaroo attempts to strangle you.  Hippopotamuses and sharks could be adopted for people who own swimming pools for the creature to reside in, tranquilising darts would be issued to the owner in case the hippo attempted to smash into the neighbours property and destroy the premises, also sharks and hippopotamuses could be used to deter burglars and could put out "instant justice" if the intruder fell into the swimming pool. Lowles condemned French colonialism by the Normans and Plantagenets of England that witnessed extermination of native species such as the beaver and the bear and wolves and the native lynx, in fact Lowles recently adopted a beaver but the adoption was terminated after the beaver consumed a number of papers written on the far right by Lowles, the beaver also chewed through the electric cables, stripped the wall paper and defecated on Lowles face when he had fallen asleep whilst working on the Hope Not Hate site.

Hopefully the adoption scheme will be a success and could emphasise a change in the fashion of keeping pets in the UK, and possibly re introduce some of our native species of animals that were made extinct.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


When the EDL attempted to demonstrate at Walthamstow in London recently the police used oppressive Stalin type tactics on them and at the same time allowed left wing thugs access to the EDL rally point where a small contingent of EDL were attempted to set up their P.A system.  Left wing thugs and violent Muslims attacked the EDL with bricks and bottles, the police took no action but then decided to arrest nearly 400 EDL members.  EDL supporters were intercepted at various locations and arrested and kept on the pavement and forced to submit their personal details, after a few hours the EDL supporters were driven off in police vans and abandoned in various parts of London, some had EDL insignia and were attacked immediately by violent groups of Muslims, one supporter had his head split open with a hatchet type weapon in front of the police who took no action against the attackers, and made no attempt to assist the man with medical assistance, this shows a complete neglect of duty. Below a photograph of the Man`s injuries.

No doubt the police knew that there actions were illegal and could have caused potential fatalities, also denying people access to toilet facilities and water facilities is a complete violation of human rights.  This depressing episode was no doubt ordered by the home office who are using the police as a mass repressive state sponsored paramilitary squad.

During the post demo period numerous commies posted on the Internet how they hurled bricks bottles and missiles at the EDL in front of the police, and laughed at how the EDL supporters human rights were violated, so much for so called fascists by in collusion with the police.  The problem is a vast percentage of left wing agitators who were active in the 1970`s such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown a "former" communist have now entered parliament and local councils where they are able to continue in their subversive activities and receive a salary for it.  The EDL and Casuals United are due demonstrate in Walsall on Saturday and the local police have already stated that "this demonstration is not welcome" maybe in order to please Britain`s politically correct police force the EDL/Casuals should wear baggy garments and put on huge false beards and chant "Allah u Akbar" and maybe that way the West Midlands police force might actually facilitate the protest.  Below a photograph of the West Midlands police force in action.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

                                                            ANTHONY RICHARDSON`S RETURN

Some of you may be familiar with an individual called Anthony Richardson who is a unite against fascism supporter who was filmed laughing at extreme violence being used against an EDL female by a mob of Muslims.  Richardson witnessed the attack and laughed at the woman being viciously beaten, now Richardson is being employed by the left wing newspaper The Mirror no, doubt because of his anti British credentials, you can view the link here

Here`s the video
                                                      COMMIES CAUGHT TELLING LIES AGAIN

We are constantly bombarded with accusations that fascists are part of the police state that persecute anti fascists, but wait a minute David Hanson who is a UAF supporter is also an MP who is also the shadow minister for the police!! so much for fascists having connections with the police it appears that it`s the commies who have connections with the police.  Above a photo of Weyman Bennett from the UAF, and below the UAF founders

Friday, 21 September 2012

                                          NICK LOWLES SECTIONED UNDER THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT

It is with regret that we have to inform you that Nick Lowles has been finally sectioned under the mental health for 28 days.  An incident occurred on Monday afternoon in London when Lowles was travelling to Victoria station via taxi, Lowles became aggressive during a taxi ride in which Lowles claimed that the tax disc in the front of the taxi contained "the eye of god" that was spying on them, the taxi driver became scared and the phoned the police.  Five minutes later two police cars arrived with an ambulance that contained four psychiatric nurses who then grabbed Lowles and restrained him and took him to the nearest psychiatric unit.  During the initial interview Lowles claimed to be the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin and that he had originally been born black but had his skin bleached white by Nazis carrying out genetic experiments, Lowles also admitted attempting to drill a hole in a neighbour`s head with a power drill after Lowles claimed that the man was possessed by the devil, Lowles attempted to release the malevolent force by drilling at the man`s head, but the man fought back and Lowles missed and drilled a hole in his leg instead.

During his first day in the psychiatric unit Lowles became aggressive at dinner and shouted out "run I am turning into werewolf" but the nurses overpowered Lowles and injected him with largactyl a powerful anti psychotic drug.  Lowles is determined to fight his illness and is currently still working on his personal website Hope Not Hate which can be viewed here , after a colleague of Lowles brought a computer into the hospital which the nurses have agreed that it would be therapeutic for Lowles.  Also Lowles has been attending art therapy classes where he has produced some art work and drew a picture of his pet cat which is pictured below.

 Lowles has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and a psychiatrist has stated that "his prognosis is very grave".

Thursday, 20 September 2012

                                                                    FAR LEFT ROUND UP

An interesting week with the riots due to the American film portraying Muslims as violent psychopaths, meanwhile the far left have been busy attempting to cause splits by printing rubbish on their blog pages, Nick Lowles is now complaining about a possible back lash against Muslims due to violent attacks on American embassies, obviously with no concern for the victims of the riots, which in a strange twist of fate included a Pakistani who died after inhaling fumes from burning an American flag.  Lowles obsession with Islam does not stop there, he officially supports Ramadan the Muslim religious festival, never once has Lowles supported Christianity.  Also Paul Heaton from the house martins supports hope not hate and played a charity "concert" for them, the poster displayed communist imagery.

Matthew Collins who is Lowles partner in crime has been stirring things up on his blog page and attempting to cause arguments by posting screen shots from facebook, also a a 30 minute interview with Collins has surfaced on youtube in which Collins claims that he was useless at physical violence and never injured anybody during the violent attacks on left wing groups in the 1990`s, inside information suggests that Collins was a violent thug, and now is attempting to play down his past.

Malatesta has also been active on indymedia a so called network of independent journalists, but is basically an extremist site that claims that fascism suppresses peoples freedom of speech, and yet strangely anyone who posts a comment that they do not agree with, has their post removed.

Walthamstow council have also sent a letter to the police requesting them to ban the next EDL demonstration,  the councillors claim that they believe in freedom of speech, and yet they have requested that the EDL to be barred from entering the area due to them being thugs that could cause disorder, and yet the violent incidents on the previous demo were caused by local Muslims and UAF agent provocateurs.

photo of Nick Lowles in Swansea


Monday, 17 September 2012


                                               COUNTER TERRORISM POLICE RAID VACCINES CONCERT

Last weekend the popular indie group the vaccines were arrested by London counter terrorism officers.  The group were playing live in London when armed officers charged onto the stage armed with sub machine guns and arrested the group in front of a horrified audience.  The vaccines were playing a song from their debut album called "blow it up" this is the reason why the counter terrorism unit arrested the group.  A representative for the group stated that the vaccines had been arrested for inciting terrorism due to the song "blow it up".

Ian Skrivens from the London metropolitan police who was in charge of the operation stated the lyrics were inflammatory and were in honour of Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the houses of parliament.  Members of the vaccines were detained for 29 hours and questioned about the lyrics to their songs, and if proven that the groups lyrics are inciting violence then they could face long term prison sentences.  Around six hundred members of the audience were issued with dispersal notices under the "violent crime reduction act"and forced to submit their personal details or face arrest.

The groups manager condemned the operation as being ridiculous and a total waste of money.  the song blow it up was simply about an argument being blown out of proportion, hence the title "blow it up", the investigation is ongoing and the group have been released on police bail.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

                                                   WEYMAN BENNETT AN EXPERIMENT IN VAGRANCY

Unite Against Fascism urgently needs donations to assist Weyman Bennett with an accommodation problem.  Bennett has been sleeping out rough and the issue was raised at a lecture on communism that Bennett was hosting.  Weyman delivered a lecture on the benefits of communism such as starvation and famine and mass murder as well as a collapsed economy.  Bennett arrived for lecture half an hour late with leaves and twigs in his hair and expressed his apologies for the delay and stated that he had been sleeping out rough due to owing 1200 pound on the rent.  One of students asked Bennett "I thought you were staying in an abandoned caravan?" but Weyman responded by stating that the caravan that he was sharing with a group of hippies had burnt down after one of the group had passed out after session of  inhaling petrol fumes, when he regained consciousness the man sparked up a joint which caused his hands to incinerate which then spread around the caravan, the fire also spread to a nearby workshop near to where the caravan was abandoned.  The fire damaged the entrance door and melted a plastic drainpipe.  The man who had started the fire had to attend hospital where his hands were described as having the appearance of "melted cheese on toast"

In an act of total desperation Bennett phoned the Samaritans and told one of the volunteers of his problems, but the volunteer had to put the phone down after he became suicidal due to Bennett persistently talking about the holocaust.  Photographs of Bennett have shown him wearing the same garments for the past decade, we are urging all commies to send in donations to the U.A.F.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Thursday, 13 September 2012

                                                             STOP THE FASCIST MARTIN SMITH

                                       PHOTO OF MARTIN SMITH`S QUEST FOR GLOBAL DOMINATION

                                                          MARTIN SMITH INFILTRATES RAINBOW

                                                                               JAWS THE RETURN

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Nick Lowles from Hope not Hate has just completed a daring trip to Todmorden to attempt to locate the residence of Dave Jones a neo Nazi with a terrifying history.  Lowles travelled first class by train from London to Leeds and then booked in an expensive hotel in Leeds for the week.  Lowles then paid for a taxi to travel to Todmorden to Leeds.  Lowles arrived in Todmorden and entered a local pub called "The Dead Cat" and ordered an orange and soda and attempted to engage the locals in conversation.  The shelf near the pub window contained literature on witchcraft and there was also a stuffed cat on a plaque.  After a very short period Lowles was requested to leave the pub for asking too many questions.  Before he left Lowles in complete desperation shouted out "where can I find Dave Jones" one local responded by shouting out "he lives above Todmorden about seven miles above Stoodley Pike.

Lowles then set off in search of Jones, after a while severe fog appeared and it started to rain, this is normal weather for the area, Lowles entered a forest and continued his journey, during his journey Lowles noticed a figure lurking in the shadows of the forest, as Lowles approached the figure he noticed it was Texas Pete he`d been glue sniffing, Lowles made a quick exit and continued.

As Lowles reached the final part of the forest and entered the near hill top he could hear what he thought was the cry of a wolf crying out across the valley, but it later turned out to be a jack russel.  After 3 hours Lowles discovered a dilapidated mansion with gargoyle statues outside, Lowles immediately took photographs before hearing shots being fired at him, Lowles ran away in terror all the way back to the Dead Cat Tavern.  Lowles told the locals of his near brush with death, but the locals pointed out to Lowles that he had entered an area where the local farmers were carrying out a hedgehog cull with pump action shot guns for 50 pound a hedgehog.  Lowles then returned to the grand hotel in Leeds.
                                                   FURTHER EVIDENCE OF PETER TATCHELL`S LUNACY

                                          PETER TATCHELL TO RETURN TO RUSSIA WITH RIGHT SAID FRED

Many of you will be familiar with Peter Tatchell who is a homosexual militant who stated that he wants the age of consent lowered to just 13, he also published an article on a murdered 11 year old boy stating that the victim was "gay".  Tatchell along with Richard Fairbrass attempted to open up Russia to homosexuality but failed miserably when ordinary citizens turned on them mob handed. 

Tatchell also attempted to make a citizens arrest on Robert Mugabe but it fell through after Mugabe`s minders gave a Tatchell a slap which caused Tatchell to disintegrate onto the pavement.

Tatchell is now joining Fairbrass to reform Right Said Fred, and return to Russia only this time they have decided to rename themselves "Right Said Dead" and have decided to play cover songs by the British pop band The Smiths and Morrisey songs.  Tatchell has now renamed the songs and has published the following list.

Shirt lifters of the world unite
Hand in underpants
William I`m nearly coming
Reel around the toilets
Big mouth swallows again
Boyfriend in a coma
Stretch out and masturbate
Some blokes are bigger than others
Never had no one outside the gents
November spermed a monster
Vicar in a 69
I want the bum I can`t have
Bone a drag artist
Last of the international gay boys
Miserable guy
I don`t owe you anything I have paid already
I won`t share you down canal street
There is a light that never goes out in the gents
boy afraid.

Monday, 10 September 2012

                                                       REPORT ON BRIGHTON ANTI FASCISTS MEETING

This following report is from an anti Fascist.

I arrived at an apartment in Brighton to attend a meeting of a local anti Fascist division, as I entered the flat I was greeted by a comrade called Tony who had dreadlocks, he offered me a sip of his white cider but I declined the offer.  I was introduced to another anti Fascist who said "feel free to rot, there`s a corner over there", I was then offered some herbal tea in the kitchen where I noticed a plate that contained rancid food that was covered in insects.  The organiser of the event appeared and stated that the meeting was about to start, there was around a dozen people present who were smoking cannabis and talking about Karl Marx as well as carrying out burglaries on local businesses and attacking British telecom.  I noticed all of them had middle class accents.

I then requested to use the toilet, and was shown the entrance to the bathroom, where upon entrance I noticed a strong repulsive odour that made me feel like vomiting, I urinated in the lavatory and then turned around and noticed a mountain of excrement in the bath tub, they had been using the bath tub as a toilet, I ran out of the bathroom and returned to the front lounge.  One of the others offered me a bottle of beer and said "help yourself it`s in the fridge" as I opened the fridge door I was forced to put my hand over my mouth as a swarm of blue bottle flies, flew out of the fridge, I grabbed the beer and closed the door.
This was my first anti Fascist meeting and generally I was not impressed, as I left the apartment I was arrested by a group of police officers and charged with squatting, I doubt I will be joining Brighton anti Fascists if this is the best they can achieve.