Sunday, 29 April 2012

                                                        HOPE NOT HATE LEAFLET EDL HEARTLAND

 I have been out campaigning with the Hope not Hate team on the Farley hill estate in Luton. In fairly miserable weather we did half the ward before the rain took it`s toll.

Leaflets for the remaining ward were left with local members of Muslims Against Crusaders who are also supporting our campaign, they will distribute the leaflets in the next couple of days.

The estate is the home to "many" of the leaders of the English Defence League and Tommy Robinson still drinks in the Bram Stoker tavern that is on the estate, the tavern also has a "Vlad the Impaler" theme night and quiz.  The tavern is also rumoured to serve pints of pigs blood at discount prices.

As Hope not Hate walked around the estate many local residents came out in their "hundreds" to support us, and they all pledged to attend the UAF counter protest next Saturday, as Luton is a peaceful multi cultural community where everybody lives in harmony.

When we were driving back Brighton I noticed my friend who had accompanied me had turned into a dictionary, and then when I entered my mansion there was rhubarb growing out of the walls. Report written by Nick Lowles.

Friday, 27 April 2012

                                           SYLVESTER SNEEKLY SET TO TACKLE POLICE CORRUPTION

We have exclusive information on a new officer who has been placed in charge of an Anti corruption unit, this is to investigate allegations of police brutality and corruption, also to investigate numerous reports of the police confiscating drugs from drug dealers and then keeping the drugs for themselves.  There has also been complaints about police officers trying to seduce females whilst being on duty which contradicts police code of conduct, as does theft. dishonesty, and section 18 malicious wounding, and perverting the course of justice.

The man in charge of the Anti corruption unit is called "Sylvester Sneekly" who has pledged to make full investigations into police misconduct.  Sneekly stated that his aim was to make the police force a "credible" organisation again.  Sneekly admitted that there was police mal-practice but it could be eradicated by "proper" investigations.  One method of reducing complaints against the police would be for officers to remove their badge numbers before splitting peoples heads open, also Sneekly has suggested that all CCTV systems should be put in the hands of the police so that they can edit violent police misconduct out of videos, this should lower the amount of complaints against the police.  Another possibility would be to send the police out undercover into a bar full of EDL supporters and start a fight, and then when uniformed officers arrive on the scene, the undercover officers would simply display a small identification card so that the uniformed officers would be alerted as to their identity.

Sylvester also stated that Theresa  May was playing a major part in policing methods and that Theresa and David Cameron hoped to use the police force as a mass violent movement against ordinary citizens.  One other option was that undercover police officers would act as postmen during election time that way all the leaflets by the British Freedom Party and the British National Party would be thrown in the canal, this would have a major influence on the election result.  Sneekly was confident that the police would be at the front of imposing mass immigration onto the British people, and that anyone who did not agree with that would feel the full weight of the law

Thursday, 26 April 2012

                                       COMMIES ADMIT THROWING BOTTLES AT WOMEN AND CHILDREN

On Sunday March For England held their annual St Georges day parade, a massive counter protest of commies pelted bottles at the march.  The U.A.F have described the event as a "successful" day of action against fascism.  The reality is that the actual parade is a family event containing women and females and even infants.  At one point the M.F.E  parade was halted for fifteen minutes in front of a mob of screaming commies who threw missiles at the march, the commies were also permitted access to run all around Brighton, although the police eventually charged them, the situation should never have been allowed to escalate.  Numerous people hold the view that the police intentionally allow disorder to erupt at these events with the aim of destroying the patriotic movements.

The commies have described the attack on March For England as "the battle of church street" the reality is that there was no battle only pathetic missile throwing at a march containing women and children.  The police then penned M.F.E  in near a mob of screaming commies for two hours and more missiles were thrown from the commies.  One person stated that he had never seen so many people with dreadlocks in his entire life, dread lock holiday comes to mind, although the commies claim to have increased support from the punks picnic festival that was being held the same weekend, most of these so called punks were actually anarcho crusties with dreadlocks.  One of the constant claims by the commies is that nationalism leads to violence! and yet these same people who claim this throw bottles at women and children, and then bragg about it.

The entire days events were an obvious set up by the police, you can read the entire disgusting description of the counter protest here




The British police have finally admitted to what has been long suspected that they have been lobotomising officers for a number of years.  Mark Kennedy a police officer who was planted into the environmentalist movement to act as an agent provocateur and as a police spy admitted that the police were conducting experiments on officers.  Kennedy claimed that a frontal lobe lobotomy had been carried out on a number of officers this was to remove emotion so they could carry out the job more efficiently, and also when the home office put out orders for protesters to be violently beaten and fitted up for crimes that they had not committed.  Also it has been suggested that human cloning has now been achieved and that the police force now has the first successful human clones ( see photos) that are acting as police officers.

Also the police were experimenting with patrol cars being operated by remote control from the police station, this was due to a number officers complaining about the cold and wet British climate.  The police had successfully made a patrol car that was being operated by remote control.  One night an EDL supporter was walking home when the patrol car pulled up by the side of him and ordered him to empty his pockets and then face the wall, but the supporter ran away, immediately a taser gun was fired at the EDL supporter who then collapsed on the pavement in agony.  The EDL supporter was ordered into the patrol car, which then set off driving, a cold metallic voice stated to the man that he was under arrest for displaying fascist and far right tendencies, the man noticed that there was nobody in the driving seat.

The police have also pledged to increase surveillance techniques on the far right, this could be used to catch EDL supporters using racially inflammatory language in people`s private houses and vehicles, recently a group of EDL supporters had travelled to a demonstration from York, one of the supporters had been drinking and was shouting "lets all do the Breivik".  Later on the van was stopped by an army of police, who accused the supporters of using racially inflammatory language, the officer then went in the EDL supporters mini bus and pulled out the tax disc which contained a secret camera that the police had planted inside the van, all the racist comments had been filmed and recorded at Scotland yard.

The 1980`s science fiction film "Robo cop" was also being used as a blue print for a "super cop" that could be patrolling the streets in the near future.  The police had already tried out the new super cop from a pile of body parts that they had been donated from a local mortuary.  A police technician had  fused the body parts with a vacum cleaner and car parts.  The new super cop was put out on streets but malfunctioned after a Yorkshire terrier urinated on the super cop, which then resulted in the super cop being returned to police laboratory.  Members of the Tactical Aid Unit were also training to become super cops by endurance tests, recently one T.A.U member was ordered to put his head in the oven on gas mark six for twenty minutes.   A police chief stated that this could "improve" the quality of policing, and the new super cops could be out on the streets in the near future.  The same police commissioner rejected claims that the British police force are a Government paramilitary squad whose sole purpose is to persecute white native Britons into accepting their own destruction.
                                                                         OPERATION BLITZKRIEG

Above an image taking from operation blitzkrieg which published names and addresses of Blood and Honour merchandise buyers, clearly with the intention of getting them attacked, notice that Nazis are always portrayed as sexual fantasy figures by the far left, this suggests a vast percentage of commies have a clear Nazi fetish interest, rather than a political one.
                                  COMMIE RESPONSE TO LE PEN OBTAINING 18 PERCENT OF VOTE

Some of you will be aware that Marine Le pen the leader of the french National Front obtained 18 percent of the vote in the first round of the elections despite pathetic attempts to discredit her by the left, which involved the usual infantile name calling and the media originally attempting to portray the Toulouse killings as being perpetrated by a group of "Nazi soldiers" which is about as believable as Martin Smith landing on the moon in helicopter.  Well Le pen has obtained a brilliant result and what have the left done about? produced a piece of infantile scrawl with a decaying Adolf Hitler congratulating Marine Le pen, this is all the commies can do is offer stupid pieces of scrawl as a counter argument.
                                                           ANTIFA BRIGHTON DOING NAZI SALUTES

One of the claims by these commies is that it`s the far right who are obsessed by fascism and 1930`s Nazism, well this photo suggests otherwise.

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                                                   COMBAT 18 LAUNCH CHINESE NAZI TERROR GROUP


Friday, 20 April 2012


                                            Above Weyman Bennett after consuming 8 cans of special brew.

Above Ken livingstone in disguise at the demonstration.  The photograph below is of an unknown commie Muppet from Ireland who claims that it`s brilliant that "everybody" is marrying other groups of people, really? then why do Muslims marry Muslims only.  Notice the red star commie symbol on his cap.

                                             LOCHNESS MONSTER REVEALED AS MOSSAD SUBMARINE

The Anti fascist can reveal that the notorious Lochness monster is in fact an Israeli mossad submarine and has been active for years feeding the Israelis with intelligence.  The submarine disguised as a monster was part of a sabotage plan to destroy Britain and it`s industry.

Alex Salmond leader of the Scottish national party has been working as a mossad agent for years.  Salmond wants Sotland to join the Euro currency, and accept mass immigration into Scotland.  Salmond also owns a penthouse in Tel Aviv.  The submarine also carries Israeli nuclear weapons in case a war erupts with Muslims in Europe.  Occasionally there have sightings of the submarine when it emerged to the surface of the loch after navy members wanted to come up for a cigarette break.

The submarine has an on board synagogue and kosher restaurant.  The Israeli prime minster is due to visit the submarine in September.  One Tel Aviv resident stated that it was common knowledge in Israel that the Lochness monster was a mossad submarine.  Robert Maxwell recently stated that he had in fact funded money for the submarine a month before faking his own death.  The Israeli government stated they had no intention of withdrawing from Lochness.
                                            EDL MEMBERSHIP OPEN TO ALL APART FROM SKINHEADS

Currently membership for the EDL is supposedly completely open to all people who agree with the general aims of the organisation.  Last year in interesting story emerged about a skinhead who attended an EDL activity and was refused entrance because of his appearance, this was at a court appearance of one of the EDL leadership, it was decided that the presence of the national media that the skinhead should be asked not to attend the demonstration in spite of travelling all the way from Bristol.

Captain chaos a long term EDL supporter from Bristol wrote on the EDL forum that he was "disgusted" to see somebody dressed in DR martens with a shaved head and complained about the man`s "appearance".  Chaos also posted numerous Anti skinhead postings stating that they should not be allowed on demonstrations, captain chaos seemed to be unaware that skinheads originally listened to Jamaican ska music, and there are left wing skinheads and non political ones.  Captain chaos posted on the EDL forum "let`s bash some skinheads skulls in"  Captain chaos is a transvestite who stated on the EDL forum that he wanted a sex change via the N.H.S that would cost thousands of tax payers pounds, some EDL supporters thought he was joking, others were furious.

Interestingly enough chaos was employed as a steward at the tower hamlets demonstration, it would seem that all types of minority divisions are encouraged in the EDL apart from skinheads.  Below captain chaos on the "far left" who wanted to bash skinheads in"

                                        MEET THE MAN WHO SAYS THE WORD "NAZI" 900 TIMES AN HOUR

By his own admission a conversation with Weyman Bennett is a linguistically adventurous experience.  Having Tourettes syndrome means that Weyman produces random words repeatedly, for the time being Weyman repeats the word "Nazi" 900 times an hour, then there are surreal phrases like "the golf open tournament is a Nazi and fascist organisation" and "John Wayne was a Nazi who wrote a document that he denied the holocaust"

Where all these strange lines appear from nobody knows, Weyman suffered major employment problems in his 20`s due to the verbal outbursts, he was sacked from Tesco`s for calling customers "Nazis" also whilst Weyman was stacking the shelves he frequently shouted out "you Nazi bastards" and "fascist".  Facing no long term career prospects Weyman decided to join Unite Against Fascism where the outbursts would seem more normal and they could be put into practical use.  Bennett now has a permanent job with the organisation working in the U.A.F offices answering E mails and telephone calls.

For many people the condition causes misery and also provokes laughter from the general public, but Weyman has actually managed to the situation around a forge a career for himself.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

                                                                         HOPE NOT HATE APPEAL

A woman has appeared at court today in Oslo claiming to be Anders Breivik`s girlfriend from Stuttgart in Germany.  The woman is photographed below.

Anyone with any information on the woman could you please contact Nick Lowles immediately via the Hope Not Hate website.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

                                                       PORTSMOUTH NAZI WATCH EXPOSE NAZI PUB

Portsmouth Nazi watch can now reveal our latest developments on the far right in Portsmouth, Barry Von smith is the licensee of the "Hitler arms" in Portsmouth, shockingly enough he is also a member of the UVF which is a proscribed organisation in the republic of Ireland.  The pub belongs to a respectable pub chain who are clearly unaware that the licensee is promoting fascist propaganda and a banned terrorist organisation the UVF who have killed "hundreds" of people.

We knew something was not right at the Hitler arms, swastika flags were flying outside, and the front entrance door is actually made of human skin.  We tried to order a pint of beer, but the bar tender told us that he did not speak English but only German.  We went to the juke box and inserted a two pound coin, but the juke box only played German Marching music.  The landlord appeared in a Hitler costume and noticed that we were wearing Socialist Workers Party badges, he then pointed his finger to the entrance and then threw us out of the pub.  Amazingly the police are not actually aware of the pub. Below the door made of human skin.

We would recommend that the pub chain be more careful who they employ in the future, Nazi drinking establishments will not be tolerated in Portsmouth.

Read the full shocking report on this link.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

                                                             SEARCHLIGHT SPLIT FROM HOPE NOT HATE

Veteran commie organisation searchlight have now split from Hope Not Hate which is run by Nick Lowles.  Gerry O Hara a long time searchlight activist claims that the split was due to Nick Lowles demanding more money "for his services", the Hope Not Hate postal address is now different from the Searchlight one.

Gerry Gable (main photo) is the man in charge of Searchlight who stood as a candidate for the British Communist Party in the 1960`s, Gable has convictions for burglary.  Gable attempted to burgle Paul McCartney`s flat in the 1960`s, due to the song "Hey Jude".  Gable had been informed by "reliable sources" that the song was an "Anti Semitic" song called "Hey Jew".  Early in the morning Gable broke into an apartment that he thought belonged to McCartney in order to steal the master tapes of the song.  Foolishly Gable burgled the wrong apartment and targeted camp actor Frankie Howard`s flat, Gable ran out screaming and flagged down a police car to save him, Gable was arrested and convicted of Burglary.  A police psychiatrist examined Gable and stated that "Gerry`s problems were a direct result of his mum not buying him a bicycle for his 6th birthday" the psychiatrist recommended a non custodial sentence.

Gable later went on to produce "documentaries" for London television on the far right, Gable even planted his own wife into the Nationalist movement as an infiltrator. One other problem for Gable is that he his of Jewish origin and is Pro Zionist, whilst the British left are now Pro Palestinian and Anti Israeli, this has left Gable and Searchlight isolated from groups like the UAF who have taken on a Pro Palestine approach to politics.  The split from Hope Not Hate has left Searchlight even more in the dark and eventually they will fade into obscurity.
                                                     BREIVIK`S FAR RIGHT NAZI SALUTE REVEALED


Monday, 16 April 2012

                                                    ANTI FASCISTS ATTACK THE POLICE IN POLAND

Below are photographs of "Anti fascists" attacking the police, one of constant claims from these groups is that nationalist groups are violent dangerous Nazis

                                      Below some of the weapons brought to the demonstration by Antifa.

                                              BNP A PARTY OF THUGS, ACCORDING TO KEITH ALLEN

Some of you may have recently seen a documentary in which commie actor Keith Allen "interviewed" Nick Griffin the leader of the British National Party.  Allen spent most of the documentary talking nonsense, later he edited insulting comments into the interview.  One of Allen`s claims was that the BNP were a party of thugs, interesting statement especially from Allen.

Keith Allen was born and brought up in Swansea, his father was a royal naval mariner, Keith got into lots of trouble and served time in borstal, Allen was originally sent to boarding school but was expelled for theft.  Allen then attended drama school for a period, but was expelled again this time for communist subversive activities.  In 1984 Allen spent several weeks in Pentonville prison for smashing up a nightclub.  After filming with the comic strip Allen when out on a bender and bought what he thought was amphetamine it later turned out be angel dust, Allen went crazy and started foaming at the mouth and then smashed the bar of the night club up, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, Allen also assaulted a bar tender.

During his career Keith has managed to father seven children by five different women, these are ones that he is aware of, the true total could be higher.  Ironically Allen claimed that Griffin had lost his humanity, and yet Allen stated that his children were "the products of one night stands" Allen has now passed his politics onto his daughter Lilly.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


The twisted BNP have been blamed for producing fishes and cats that resemble Adolf Hitler, a number of these cats and fish are now on the domestic pet market at cheap prices.  Anti fascists have blamed the BNP for producing the creatures artificially in order to resemble Hitler, also the domestic cats that resemble Hitler have been taught to raise their right paw in the air.  Recently at a gold fish show a number of Hitler gold fish were on display when the UAF burst into the venue to protest against the fish, one fish owner stated that it was terrifying the UAF were shouting "Nazi scum off our streets" and "never again" Weyman Bennett attempted to attack a goldfish bowl with a rock but was restrained by security guards, the police had to be called out to deal with the situation.

A local community centre was also targeted by the UAF after it hosted a goldfish show with the Hitler fish.  One local cat owner in Derby said that she he had numerous problems with local Anti fascists over her cat George who has a black Hitler type moustache, the owner had been verbally abused and accused of being a BNP supporter. 

The British National Party denied have any connection with the Hitler goldfish and cats, however the UAF were sceptical and stated that they believed the BNP were to blame and that they were attempting to market fascism into the household.
                                                         A LICENCE TO KILL ! THE BRITISH POLICE


Last the year the BNP published a report that a vast percentage of rapes in Oslo Norway were carried out by Muslims and immigrants, Communists went on the counter offensive immediately and produced an article stating that "only" 39 percent of rapes in Norway are carried out by immigrants, this is bizarre in itself because immigrants in Norway only make up a very small percentage of the country`s population.  So that`s a near 40 percent of rapes that could actually have been avoided.  Yet us politically left wing activists still spend most of our time trying to make excuses for Muslim rape gangs, in fact we have gone to such an extent that we have even supported them.

Of course us Communists and Anarchists live in all white areas and dictate to you! that must live in areas like White chapel and Malmo in Sweden where we collaberated with local Muslims to attack local Jewish population, and yet we claim that it`s the "far right" who are "Anti Semetic" here`s the article

Saturday, 14 April 2012

                                                         "HOPE NOT HATE" IN ACTION THIS WEEKEND

Anti fascists are are out all over the weekend this country as part of a hope not hate weekend of action against the BNP.  We "had" almost 20 people out in Nuneaton and "17" out in the Amber valley.  I have also just spoken to one of our campaign  team managers who tells me that there was between 20-25 activists out in Walthamstow.  I am attaching photos below of "Hope Not Activists" in action this weekend in Walthamstow campaigning against the BNP below.