Saturday, 8 February 2014

Michael Jackson Was A Nazi And A Fascist Written By Nick Lowles From Hope Not Hate After Spending A Night In Police Custody For Theft Of Women`s Underwear.

When Michael Jackson faked his own death in order to deceive the world, he secretly set up far right headquarters in an abandoned factory near the river Thames in London.  Jackson being a dedicated Nazi donated money to Nick Griffin and the National Front.  A long time ago Jackson had his skin bleached because he was ashamed of being Black.  Jackson also used to rob banks disguised as the elephant man from the 1980 film.  The style of robbery Jackson used was unique, Jackson would walk into a bank with a banana covered over with handkerchief, he would then tell the cashier that he knew where they lived, a number of gullible bank staff fell for the routine and handed the money over which would then be sent over to Nick Griffin.  Jackson has now gone one stage further and had a head transplant using a deceased Nazi skinhead`s head, with a swastika tattoo on his forehead.
To add authenticity to his appearance Jackson is now talking in a German accent and attending White power meetings in Europe where he has become increasingly vocal against immigration and labelled Europe`s Roma population "thieves" and "degenerates".  Michael also enjoys listening to Nazi group "Skrewdriver" and the song "When The Boat Comes In" is a favourite of his.  Jackson also attacks members of the Roma community by "steaming" in on them when they are selling copies of the big issue magazine, Jackson enjoys hearing the screams as he kicks them with his steel toe capped boots.  On Friday afternoon when local Muslims are attending the mosque, Jackson shouts abuse at them telling them to go back to Pakistan on a one way ticket.  At nationalist Meetings Jackson has criticised certain sections of the far right for selling out and buying cocaine of ethnic drug dealers to snort before going on demonstrations, Michael stated that this was unacceptable and directly funding the enemy.