Saturday, 23 February 2013



Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate has launched a campaign aimed at preventing discrimination in the vegetable section in super markets.  Lowles carried out a survey in which he discovered that people are actually prejudicial in regards to selecting vegetables.  Lowles interviewed shoppers asking them what vegetables they choose and why.  Lowles then produced a basket of fresh vegetables and another basket containing rotten and rancid vegetables.  Lowles then asked the shoppers which vegetables they would choose and why, the shoppers replied by stating that they would choose the fresh vegetables.  Lowles then demanded to know the reason why they had decided not to purchase the putrid rotten vegetables, the shoppers stated "because they are absolutely putrid and horrible" Lowles then called the shoppers "racists and "bigots" and stated that these attitudes mirrored real life opinions and proved that the shoppers were in fact racist against ethnic minorities, even though 3 of the shoppers were black. Lowles intends to eradicate all forms of prejudice and is currently dressing up in a vegetable costume outside supermarkets, encouraging people to purchase rotten decaying vegetables as part of a national campaign to combat discrimination.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

                                                           MUSLIMS CELEBRATING VALENTINES DAY


                                                                    QUICK TIME TO SCARPER !

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

                                                     PAKISTAN LAUNCHES "BIN LADEN" THEME PARK

Pakistan has announced the launch of a nineteen million pound Bin Laden theme park.  The location is in the same town where Bin Laden was in hiding and watching pornographic films, whilst planning multiple terror attacks around the globe.  Tourist officials stated that this could boost Pakistan`s "economy", and put the country on the map of global tourism.  The theme park will have a halal burger king and halal Kentucky fried chicken.  The rides will include a log floom that travels through water containing crocodiles and snakes.  The pirate ship will feature an adventure in which real life Somalian pirates board the galleon and rob the tourists of jewellery and valuables.  Tourists will be forced to wear Islamic garments or face being executed immediately.  Exploding wheel chairs will also be available for disabled clients.

There will be numerous activities including firing guns at exploding plastic ducks, and bottles of sulphuric acid will also be on sale, in case of potential domestic disputes.  A magician will also be employed at the venue in a Bin Laden costume who will make people disappear permanently as well as saw members of the audience in half.  There will also be large screen video games available in which the contestor can either get to play Bin Laden or the deceased navy seals team who were conveniently eradicated shortly after assassinating Bin Laden.  Both the F.B.I and the C.I.A stated that they would have undercover agents inside the theme park to monitor it.

This group of savage lunatics threatened to turn up at a casuals united social event in Blackpool on Saturday.  But they never appeared, leaving Antifa as a laughing stock.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

                                                     FURTHER EMBARRASSMENT FOR THE S.W.P

                            (Above a photo of Martin Smith U.A.F)

Further allegations have been made against Martin Smith in regards to a sexual assault claim, the story was published by the Daily Mail.  It revealed that the SWP set up its own court in order for Smith to be found not guilty of the alleged offences.  This is now causing problems for the political left in general.  The SWP is supposed to be a women`s rights group as well as a radical socialist party.  It is mainly made up of middle class hypocrites who like to pose as working class. It attempts to portray itself as being full of miners and builders etc, but in reality its members are mainly university type people and social workers.  The party very rarely even enters elections, and offers no alternative at the ballot box.

           A photo of Martin Smith U.A.F

The SWP are associated with Unite Against Fascism and Martin Smith is a leading member of both organisations.  The U.A.F and the S.W.P both support an open door policy on immigration which would lead to the country being flooded with immigrants, this would cause additional unemployment and would reduce basic salaries.  The S.W.P claims to be in favour of working class people, but very few of it`s supporters are actually working class.  If anything the S.W.P are in favour of immigrants and not working class Britons.  The party talks about the need for "revolution" but does very little in regards to achieving this.  Although the S.W.P is critical of banks and big business they offer no alternative to the current system..  The party has no policies on law order and would clearly worsen Britain`s problems if it did achieve an influence in parliament.(which it has no chance of doing)  The S.W,P promotes multiculturalism  but most of its members reside in all white areas, it also ignores racism against White Britons.  The rape allegation is another embarrassment to an already fragmented party that most people view as a complete joke.