Sunday, 29 December 2013

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Jones campaigning for a fairer society

This is Liberal Democrat MP Tim Jones on the left who was responsible for getting a man arrested for making a joke about Nelson Mandela.  Jones is a regular on nasty malicious left wing pages that claim to be against racism.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Martin Webster crawls back from the gutter into Nationalism

One time National Front leader Martin Webster has returned to Nationalism.  The Homosexual Webster has now been addressing Nationalist meetings and talking on "Nationalism".  Webster was a known Homosexual and eventually was expelled from the party.  Webster is a known" anti "semen" ite and has a pathological hatred of the Jews.  Webster earned the nick name "dirty Harry" in the 1970`s for having an obsession with Clint Eastwood, and became excited when Clint "got his gun out" in films.  In the 1990`s Webster claimed that he bummed Nick Griffin, but Griffin denied the claim and stated that Webster was a vindictive queen. Webster claimed that Griffin was "a bit on the side" but the chances are Webster was probably knocked back, as nobody else has made claims against Griffin apart from Martin Webster who represents a deviant unwanted section in Nationalism that people like Matthew Collins are associated with.  Webster rants and raves about the destruction of the White race but fails to account for being a homosexual which is exactly part of the problem that is contributing to the destruction of the White race.  Webster was "indoctrinated" into the Catholic church, but deviated from it at the age of fifteen.  Webster stated that his "first taste" of Roman Catholicism was a bitter one to say the least.  Webster has now gone on to launch numerous verbal attacks on Nationalists.  One of Webster quotes was a technique called "love bombing" in which people would be groomed with attention in order to get people on his side, but some people said that the "o" should be replaced with a "u"., Webster has launched tirades against Joe Pearce and Roberto Fiore and continues to cause problems to this day in the Nationalist movement.

Above Webster enjoying a quick fag.

Martin Smith causes offence in a pub and gets more than he bargained for

Martin Smith from Unite Against Fascism was out on a pub crawl in London by himself drowning his sorrows about the U.A.F`s ever decreasing support and alienation from the general pubic and the political left, in fact certain sections of the Left believe that Smith is a protected person by the Establishment.  Smith walked in a bar and went to order a drink but noticed a St George flag behind the bar, Smith immediately challenged the bar tender about the offensive item.  Smith told the bar tender that the flag was a symbol of oppression and colonialism and that it represented the persecution of the peaceful Muslims by the crusaders in the Middle East.  Smith continued being rude to the bar tender before ordering a pint of bitter.  The bar tender by now was furious and decided to teach Smith a lesson.  The bar tender went in the kitchen and pulled out the rubbish sacks and cracked a rotten egg open into Smith`s pint, then for good measure slipped an L.S.D tab in the pint.  After half an hour Smith`s behaviour deteriorated  so badly that he had to be escorted off the premise.  Martin then started wolf whistling at a phone box and talking randomly to passers by.  When Smith arrived at his flat which he shares with two other people he said  "look at this I have just pulled, it`s pretty decent stuff"  Smith had brought a massive black female back to the flat (see photo below).

 The woman was so big that she took up all the space in the bed.  Smith wandered out to the garden shed and fell asleep.  The next morning Smith was discovered cuddled up to a battered old lawn mower and declaring his undying love for the rusty contraption.

U.A.F use drug addicts as part of their campaign

Pete Doherty and Ian Brown from the stone roses are prime examples that the anti racist industry is full of total complete losers and degenerates.  Brown wiped his backside with the England flag on stage at a concert and then launched a tirade against the B.N.P.  The reason why people  like Doherty and Brown fear the B.N.P is because they need to buy heroin from Pakistani drug dealers.  Manchester has produced numerous bands over the years including the "new fast automatic dildos" and the fall fronted by Mark "E" Smith who obtained his name due to his excessive use of the drug ecstasy.  Smith wrote a song about Morrisey called "the man whose head expanded".  Pete Doherty who used to play in the band the Liberteens once had a promising career before going down the path of self destruction via heroin abuse.  Doherty claims to be anti B.N.P because he is part Jewish and part Irish, but in reality Doherty knows that under a B.N.P government it would be very difficult for him to obtain heroin that he is addicted to.

Mickey Swales one man flash demo

Friday, 27 December 2013

Matthew Collins invites a group of Kurdish asylum seekers back to his bedsit with disastrous consequences while shopping on his mobility scooter in Brick lane

Matthew Collins was shopping in Brick lane on his mobility scooter and wearing his bat man costume (see above photo) when he noticed a group of Kurdish asylum seekers, Matty approached them and stated that he was an anti racist who welcomed asylum seekers in Britain.  Matty offered to put the group up for the night and said that he was holding a party.  The group traveled to Matty`s bedsit where Matty put on an Arthur C Clark video assuming that it would excite them in the same way it did him.  Matty then offered them drinks that were heavily laced with viagra.  Matty then went outside and borrowed his neighbours ladders which he then put below his window.  Matty then climbed up the ladders to spy on the Kurds, but after two minutes one of them opened the window to have a cigarette and the ladder fell backwards and Matty landed on a portable halal burger kiosk causing extensive damage. (see  photo below)

Battered and bruised and disorientated Matty returned to his bedsit and requested that the group leave, but by now the viagra that he had spiked their drinks with was taking effect.  The Kurds then chased Matty out of the building who was by now screaming for help.  Matty tripped up and started crawling on his hands and knees waving a twenty pound note while slobbering like a Walrus stranded on a beach.  A taxi picked Matty up and drove him to the police station where Matty had the cheek to make a complaint against the Kurds by claiming that they had broke in his bedsit and claimed squatters rights!!!  By now the 8 tins of special brew lager were taking its toll on Matty`s stomach, over whelmed by nausea he sat down in the police reception area and then things took a turn for worse when the pie and pies from the previous night decided to put in an appearance, Matty vomited all over the police reception area.

 A Portuguese immigrant cleaner paid on low wages was immediately deployed to cover the vomit in sawdust.  Officers had to wear special forensic suits when escorting Matty into the cells..  Matty was then taken into police custody for his own protection after the desk sergeant jumped over the counter and tried to strangle Matty.  Before Matty was escorted to the cells The police asked him to empty the contents of his pockets (see photo below) which he then put on the counter.  The officers laughed so loud that two of the windows in the station cracked.

Matty was released the next day without charge, but was advised to try contacting the police by phone the next time he wanted to put in a complaint.

Return of the inflatable policeman on steroids from Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester police during an English Defence League protest always like to "big it up" and appear in charge.  Many G.M.P officers seem to believe that they are the incredible hulk on steroids.
The GM.P justify their behaviour on the basis of crime prevention, the police argue that the E.D.L are going to run riot in front of several hundred police officers and dozens of CCTV cameras in broad daylight in a city centre in front of terrified shoppers who will no doubt run so fast that they will end up trampling on each other in order to escape.  Of course when looting erupted in Manchester a couple of years ago the police did nothing about this apart from beat up a group of kids on bicycles one night, the incident was caught on camera where the G.M.P could be seen putting the boot in on one of the victims while they were on the floor.  Of course G.M.P officers need to let off steam on a regular basis due the amount of steroids in their system that cause" roid rage".  Many G.M.P officers can be seen filling their faces with doughnuts and hamburgers and drinking milkshakes while sat in a police car on "duty" and then throwing the litter out of the window. when they have to chase a suspect they have to radio out for the police helicopter because they are usually so bloated that they are incapable of getting out of the patrol car. They then let the police dogs off the lead that usually bite people sat sun bathing in their front  gardens, because the officers are too lazy and unfit to keep up with the dog on the lead while chasing a suspected criminal.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Review of the Brighton crust fest

Antifa recently held a fxxk Christmas festival in Brighton.  Several D beat crust bands played the festival and the headlining act was called "mutilated postman" after the lead vocalist was sacked by royal mail for stealing children`s presents in order to fund his heroin addiction.  Weyman Bennett turned up to the concert after locking himself in his bedroom and spending several days watching the ultra violent fim Rollerball which starred Paul Newman, Bennett was so hyped up that he started bouncing around like zebidee out of Dougal`s magic roundabout, Weyman was so excited that he bounced in the air so high his head went through the ceiling and became stuck.  When the first band took to the stage they started jumping around and swinging their dreadlocks around so violently that the guitarist`s dreadlocks wrapped themselves around a member of the audience`s neck and started strangling them.  When the concert finished a group of Antifa went out looking for "Fascists" around Brighton.  The group in urgent need of victims so they could boast about the assault on the internet like the time they attacked two Fifteen year old boys who were talking about politics on the train and supporting the B.N.P.  Antifa walked into Brighton train station and saw a group of train spotters who had traveled from Hamburg.  The train spotters were beaten up after Antifa heard them talking in German.  Obviously Antifa will be taking to the internet how they have once again defeated "Fascism".

Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles engaging in foreplay.

Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles during a discussion on how to combat the B.N.P

The Matthew Collins sob story continued extra sickness and diarrhea version.

Get your sick buckets ready.  When Matthew Collins relocated to the U.K he had acquired an Australian accent so had to buy tapes on how to fake an Irish accent so he could fit in in Kilburn. Matthew enjoys drinking pints of Guinness and cheap lager and boring people to death of his tales about the far Right.  Matthew has now become well known for singing Irish rebel songs with his pants around his ankles while stood on the pool table with a glass of lager in his hand in the local Irish bar.  One night Matthew demanded that everybody in the pub should shake his hand and donate money to Hope Not Hate, which he would then spend in the nearest off licence.  Matty carries all types of baggage with him including tins of Carlsberg special brew. 

When Matty was in the far right he caused a number of groups to collapse by simply leaning on the leaders and applying pressure.  Eventually Matty started to be careless and a number of patriots suspected that he was a "closet" homosexual.  Some decent patriots had the moral decency to search through Matthew`s refuse collection bags.  They were horrified to discover magazines with horrible fat overweight men in with contact numbers on their pictures.  Matty had been paying these sad pathetic individuals money to join him in his cockroach infested flat in Brick lane and act out his sick fantasies.(see main photo).  When Matthew was expelled from the nationalist movement he was so devastated that he started writing books on how he used to beat old ladies up who were attending anti B.N.P meetings at their local library.


The split from Gerry Gable part 2 for mugs stupid enough to believe it.

When Matthew Collins was hiding from the far right in the Australian outback and was living with a group of Aboriginal natives and drinking twenty tins of fosters a day paid for by White people who work hard and not like the lazy aboriginal tribes.  One day the group ran out of beer and food so they divised a plot to eat Collins using traditional Aboriginal cooking methods which only people like Jamie could ever dream of.  Matty over heard the plot and ran away to the nearest phone box and contacted special who had originally sent Matty to Australia.  Matty requested that the operator reverse the charges as he had no money on him due to spending it on tins of Fosters and having to buy supplies for the Aborigines.  When Matty returned to the U.K he took part in a documentary where he claimed to be living in fear of his life from far right thugs.  The BBC were having an orgasm at the potential damage they could cause the far right by using Matty`s sob story.  Matthew met up with Nick Lowles one night in a bar in Soho and plotted against Gerry Gable.  Lowles has a number of associates of the low grade variety including alcoholics and dwarves of the Negro variety and chronic bed wetters and arsonists.  Part two of this gripping exposure on the far left will be continued in five minutes so don`t go away.

Monday, 23 December 2013

A true account of The Hope Not Hate split from Searchlight

Many moons ago Nick Lowles was on Clapham common when he decided to forge a split from Searchlight which is run by veteran Communist and coffin dodger Gerry Gable (see main photo)  whose is original surname is AaronGoldBergerBronsteinAbrahamsWinnerRosenFelt, but decided to change it to "Cable" after the battle of Cable street, but the office administrator who was from Pakistan made a spelling error on the name change form and wrote it down as "Gable".  Gerry attempted to sue the Pakistani but was unable to do so because the Pakistani left the country using a false passport that he had purchased from some Bulgarian gangsters who were in charge of a bordello in London.  Nick Lowles a global financial capitalist who poses as a concerned citizen who is against racism and prejudice.  Lowles offers comfort to victims (non Whites only) of racial prejudice which normally consists of comments made by pikey cowboy builders driving their clapped out vans so fast that the comment sounds like Weyman Bennett on Amphetamine.  Lowles usually buys the victims bottles of Jamaican rum that has been purchased from Yardies who Lowles meets in the dark snickets near his house.  Lowles then suggests to the victims that they should put in for claim of damages against the police for not taking the incident serious enough and then contacting the voice newspaper who will run an article on the incident for the next ten years using quotes from the Stephen Lawrence case.

One day Lowles decided to demand more money from Gable using Matthew Collins as a battering ram against Gable`s front door which is reinforced by several black rent boys.  Gable then sacked Lowles who by now had moved in with Matthew Collins who is a former National Front member who was heavily connected with the NF`s gay division ran by Martin Webster and his assistant supervisor Terry Blackham.  The rest is history and not even worth the toilet paper in the houses of parliament.  Collins and Lowles signed a civil partnership and continued writing nonsense on the Hope Not Hate site to a small band of supporters who are in urgent need of psychotherapy to work through their personal problems of self loathing and poor social skills and social anxieties and drug addiction.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tommy Robinson bursts in on E.D.L regional organisers meeting

The English Defence League were holding a regional organisers meeting on how to salvage the movement due to Tommy Robinson nearly destroying the  movement. Hel Gower was in attendance when all of a sudden Tommy Robinson burst into the meeting and ordered that everybody should follow his example and the Quilliam foundation.  Some of the regional organisers decided to question Tommy`s "authority" Robinson became so enraged that he grabbed hold of Gower and started shaking her aggressively and screaming at her so loud that white foam appeared out of his mouth from a rendezvous with Mo Ansar in a sleazy hotel near London Victoria station.  Gower was so shocked that she wet herself several times which took the Polish cleaners one hour to mop up the urine. 

Robinson claimed that he was still in charge of the E.D.L and that he would be replacing all the regional organisers with politically correct versions that are paid by special branch to start shouting "god bless Israel" and "Black and White unite" at demonstrations.  Robinson then admitted that the original intention of founding the LGTB divisions was not to represent the gays and lesbians in the movement as it only amounted to four people in the country, but to attract more deviants into the movement in order to sabotage it and reduce it to a laughing stock.

Kevin Carroll after intensive therapy at the Quilliam foundation

Tommy Robinson`s false Nationalism

During its infancy stage Stephen Lennon decided to infiltrate the E.D.L and market a type of Nationalism that could only be considered a total joke (see main photo).  Many people were stupid enough to buy it and donate to the E.D.L. Tommy convinced people you could still buy drugs from Black drug dealers and have a wife that you had just bought in Thailand and be a Nationalist.  Tommy then convinced these people to spend their time on forums calling genuine patriots Nazis and Fascists for not having Black friends.  We now have a situation in England where we have people running around like headless chickens claiming to be Nationalists.  No doubt Tommy Robinson and his gorilla cousin Kevin Carroll will be laughing their heads off at the damage they have caused the Nationalist movement.  This was obviously a pre-staged attack on the Nationalist movement by the establishment and special branch who use mugs like Ian Skrivens to sabotage E.D.L demonstration while claiming to be enforcing law and order but secretly allowing groups like Antifa and their Pakistani friends to attack E.D.L demonstrations.

Unite Against Fascism demand the term "soap" oprea be banned because the term offends them

Unite Against Fascism have demanded an international boycott on soap operas because the term offends them.  Members of Unite Against Fascism turned up on the Coronation street set and demanded that they stop filming immediately.  Weyman Bennett blared abuse so loud that he lost his voice and to use his ventriloquist version of Martin Smith to continue the tirade of Communist propaganda against the Coronation street cast.  William Roach who plays Ken Barlow approached Bennett and suggested that he should explain himself in a civilised and coherent manner.  Roach then recognised Martin Smith and asked Smith how he had evaded arrest after committing multiple rapes.  Smith stated to Roach that if he joined Socialist Workers Party he could commit multiple acts of criminality without fear of arrest.  The protest continued until the Coronation street cast had ran out of cocaine and needed to visit Mosside to buy more drugs.  Eventually the police arrived who then liaised with Bennett for several hours and listened to his warped unrealistic views on politics.  Eventually the police drove the U.A.F on a bus that they had bent over backwards to get to Manchester Piccadilly station and allowed the U.A.F to have a special train to return them home to the nearest station where they lived. 

When Bennett got home he immediately logged on the U.A.F website and claimed police brutality and how the E.D.L never get assaulted by the police.  Bennett then claimed that the U.A.F always get roughed up by the police and penned in demonstrations like cattle in an abattoir.  Of Course Bennett being a total complete idiot could not spell a number of words during his tirade that he became so furious he stamped his foot through the floor and cursed the French for colonising England and introducing so many foreign words that the language was unrecognisible from its original format.  Bennett of course presents a warped and distorted version of events on the U.A.F website, what Bennett has failed to point out is that the police have provided a portable lavatory for him on numerous U.A.F demonstrations so he can enjoy V.I.P treatment and so that other U.A.F supporters can avoid the stench from Bennett which would result in numerous U.A.F supporters passing out and having to attend hospital.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

The British Judicial System

E.D.L Walsall

One law for them and another law for us

Matthew Collins infected with feline parasite T Gondi

Things have gone from bad to worse at Hope Not Hate, with ever dwindling funds and support it has now emerged that Matthew Collins is infected with the cat excrement parasite T Gondi.  The parasite alters behaviour and causes delayed reactions to danger.  It is believed that Collins is now infected with the parasite after catching it from his pet cat that catches cockroaches in Collins bed sit in Whitechapel.  Matthew has now been exhibiting bizarre behaviour  and on one occasion was caught inhaling cat excrement that he had put in a plastic bag, when Matthew was confronted about his behaviour he stated "what`s the problem is good stuff".  On one occasion Collins was out drinking in Soho when a ginger cat walked past Collins allegedly said "look at that ! looks a bit of alright"  Collins associate Richard Fairbrass from Right Said Fred looked astounded at Collins remark.  On a day trip out to Hackney marshes Collins spotted a hamster and immediately chased after it, but after 60 second Collins collapsed and an ambulance had to be called, during his brief stay at the accident and emergency unit Collins attempted to scratch a police officer after the officer who was questioning Collins about his strange behaviour made a sarcastic remark about Collins attempting to emulate the infamous Richard Gere incident, but Collins denied the allegation and claimed that he was hungry.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Matthew Collins trolling the internet

Experts in Sociology claim that E.D.L supporters are culturally deprived

The London institute of Sociology has now identified a number of factors that could be influencing the behaviour of English Defence League supporters.  Hans Webber an "English" sociologist claims that cultural deprivation is forcing people to support the English Defence League.  Hans states that they are culturally deprived by not listening to enough rap music and not having Black or ethnic minority friends and associates and not having gay friends and being ignorant about the peaceful religion of Islam.  Hans is an expert in conflict theory and stated that E.D.L supporters need to be aware that it is social class that is the important factor in society and not race or religion.  Hans is opening up a clinic to be used as therapy for E.D.L supporters.  The police are due to send E.D.L supporters convicted of criminal offences to the clinic as therapy in order to combat racist ideas and political views.  Hans states that the therapy will included forcing E.D.L supporters to eat curried goat and listen to Nelson Mandela speeches and listen to rap music.  Hans will also be showing photographs of White people to the offenders while administering an electric shock in order to prevent them from being attracted to White people, and when photographs of Black people are displayed there will be no electric shock administered so this will encourage the offenders to be attracted to Black people.  Hans also stated that offenders being treated at the clinic will be forced to clean up at Michael Barrymore`s house after his parties and dispose of any criminal evidence including illegal drugs and corpses that are floating in the swimming pool, this will be carried out in order to combat "homophobic" attitudes that many E.D.L supporters display.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Middlesbrough football club official statement on Koran burning incident

Middlesbrough football club will be working in close association with the police to identify the culprits responsible for burning the Koran at the Birmingham city football match.  Once the culprits are captured they will be hung drawn and quartered and flogged in public after being stripped nude and put in the stocks and paraded in public where they will have rancid and putrid vegetables thrown at them and then forced to grovel on their hands and knees and apologise to the local Mosque Imam and plead for mercy and request to convert to Islam as repentance for their sins and denounce Christianity and declare that Islam is a religion of peace that promotes civil liberties and women`s rights.

Bradford MP George Galloway corresponding with his local constituents

Monday, 9 December 2013

Police Make Arrests Over Hitler Snowman

Staffordshire police have confirmed that they have made two arrests in the village of Flash in Staffordshire over the weekend.  Two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after a snowman depicting Hitler was built.  The village has an altitude of one and a half thousand feet, which means that snow usually appears early.  A local teacher (and trade unionist) reported the children to the police after she confronted them about the Hitler snowman, the children used abusive language after she ordered them to dismantle the snowman.

A police spokesperson for staffordshire police confirmed that two thirteen year old boys had been arrested and that the incident was being treated as a hate crime.  The boys were taken to the local police station to be questioned.  The police could not confirm if the boys had been charged.  The teacher who reported the incident stated that she was extremely distressed and did not want icons depicting Hitler in the village and that her grandad had fought against Nazism during world war 2. The area has been cordoned off, and a police optical evidence collector is now photographing the scene of the crime.

Nelson Mandela Shows His True Colours

Matthew Collins Throwing His Weight Around

Nelson Mandela Set To Replace Jesus Christ

Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela To Be Laid To Rest In Saint Paul`s Cathedral

The British Government is planning on having South African criminal Nelson Mandela placed in Saint Paul`s cathedral in a glass case.  The corpse of Mandela is due to be sent to a taxidermist to be preserved in a glass case so that people can pay tribute to Nelson on a daily basis and stand by the tomb and express thoughts of suicide and despair.  Local councils are also planning on having statues of Mandela erected in every town city and village in the British Isles so that people can stand in front of the statues and beat themselves with sticks with nails in until they bleed.  Local schools will be  educating pupils about the evils of the White race and they will be making the pupils stand by the statues in sub zero temperatures and repeat the word sorry a thousand times.  The national health service will be offering free vasectomies for White males so that they cannot produce any more White children.  The N.H.S will also be offering a free skin darkening service and hair transplants so that White people can grow frizzy negro type hair.  The British Government will also be forcing people to donate fifty percent of their earnings to African aid.  All public holidays will be changed to Nelson Mandela day in which piles of car tyres will be burned in honour of Mandela.  Father Christmas is to be renamed Father Nelson and during the Easter festival Jesus will be replaced by Nelson Mandela.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Robin Hood Was Black

The Voice newspaper that caters for Black people residing in the U.K has published an article that the English legendary hero "Robin Hood" was in fact Black.  It is alleged that Robin Hood was of African descent from when the Romans introduced African slaves into England.  The slaves only mixed with each other and did not engage in mixed race relationships with White people.  The name Robin Hood is derived from the term "Robbing Hood", which is a reference to a person who robs while wearing a hood.  Early on in his career Robin attempted to become aristocratic and enter nobility, but the attempted failed when one day Robin carried out a smash and grab on a pensioner walking through Sherwood forest, this resulted in the Normans putting a bounty on Robin Hood.  For the remainder of his existence Robin and his associates lived a life of crime robbing people and living off the proceeds of crime.  Some of Robin`s associates who were White used to put coal dust on their faces in order to look like Robin.  The group called themselves "merry men" due to the fact that they were permanently intoxicated via strong alcohol, and spent most of their time sheep and deer rustling in order to feed themselves.  The groups diet primarily consisted of venison and mutton, and alcohol.  Numerous versions of Robin`s death are recorded, one version stated that Robin died after being the victim of a vampire attack, others claim that he was run over in a hit and run involving a horse and carriage, Others claim that a ram charged at him and headbutted him while he was tying his shoes up, but The Voice newspaper has formed the opinion that Robin overdosed on crack cocaine that he had bought off some sailors in Whitby one day.