Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Fascist And Nazi Bus Driver. Written By Nick Lowles On Crack In Peter Tatchell`s Bed Sit

Hope Not Hate can reveal that a notorious Nazi war criminal is driving buses in London and is even receiving a pension as part of a rehabilitation scheme for Nazis.  Gecht Weis is being employed by London transport to drive members of the public across London at high speed mowing into cars and other methods of transport and splattering Black People on the pavement and then reversing over them.  Weis is so obsessed with Nazism that the imperial war museum in London has had to take a restraining order out on him after he assaulted a left wing school teacher who was attempting to brain wash school children by telling them that Nelson Mandela was a decent bloke who cared about people.  Gecht is a regular at auctions where Nazi memorabilia is on sale, one item that won`t be on sale is Adolf Hitler`s underpants which were salvaged in 1945 at the orders of Winston Churchill`s pet bull dog who was in a rabid frenzy at the collapse of Germany.  Gecht is a veteran Nazi who purchases Shackleton`s high seat chairs to assist him with the aging process which he hopes to reverse with a new Nazi miracle drug derived from Bulgarian peasant`s excrement.  Gecht also stated that he was wanting to create a super race of White people by "opening up" a number of desirable White females who were playing hard to get, Gecht stated that they were in need of a good "shafting" and a dose of being forced to listen to Skrewdriver. 

Meanwhile over at the B.N.P camp Nick Griffin stated that he will be taking on a new job since being sacked by the B.N.P, Griffin stated that he will be working on a construction site in Liverpool and will be attempting to rebuild Ancient Rome in his spare time, Griffin stated that he was looking forward to throwing bananas at Black people and urinating on asylum seekers from the top of the scaffolding, Griffin stated that he was now talking in a scouse accent and was reading the sun newspaper and shouting sexist abuse at female passers by.  Griffin also stated that his jeans had started to sag while working on site, and that he was having to hold his pants up with a piece of string tied around his waist.  Griffin hit back at the political domination by the left over Liverpool who were encouraging people to wear dreadlocks and listen to rap music and hit themselves over the head with a hatchet while praising Nelson Mandela.