Wednesday, 24 April 2013


A disturbing incident has occurred  at Calder high school in Mytholmroyd West Yorkshire.  Dave Jones a far right activist was involved in an attempted gas attack on school pupils.  Jones has previously stood as a candidate for the BPP in Todmorden where he threatened to expose the holocaust as a fraud.  Jones managed to obtain a teaching assistant position at the school science department, Jones has knowledge in chemistry from manufacturing explosives at his farm.  During one lesson Jones brought up a debate on immigration, pupils who expressed left wing views were later handed detention slips. During the after school detention Jones put on a gas mask and locked the science room doors, Jones then turned on the gas taps.  The pupils panicked one of them set off the fire alarm and another smashed a window with a chair, the pupils then escaped, Jones`s plot had failed.  Jones then ran onto the school playing field where one of the other science teachers was demonstrating how to assemble a hot air balloon, Jones then hijacked the balloon and took off.  The teacher attempted to stop Jones by clinging on the basket, but Jones kicked him off.  Jones was arrested the next the day but denied the offence and claimed that it was the pupils who had turned on the gas taps in order to get out of the detention.

Monday, 22 April 2013


Above a mob of Unite Against Fascism supporters attack a small group of March For England supporters, but the nationalists defend themselves against the mob.

Above is a photograph of a brave Brighton resident protecting a bin from a commie who wanted to set light to it.
                                             COMMIES ATTACK MARCH FOR ENGLAND PARADE

Hundreds of leftists assembled in Brighton to oppose the annual March For England parade on Sunday. 250 Nationalists attended the march, but before small groups were attacked by massive mobs of commies, a 16 year boy had his head split open by so called anti fascists, the police sent people into the UAF demonstration where they were attacked by leftists, the police also allowed the leftists to gain close access to the March for England parade, the shocking photos are below.

Above a betting shop is attacked by leftists

Commies throw a rock in a man`s face

A lone nationalist is attacked

Monday, 15 April 2013

                                                     FAR RIGHT CHASED OUT OF BRIGHTON

Around 30 far right activists attempted to attack an anti fascist meeting in Brighton.  The meeting was against the neo Nazi March For England who claim to be a patriotic organisation, but in reality are dedicated to repeating the holocaust.  The meeting was being held in London road where 9 anti fascists had gathered.  The Nazis burst into the cafĂ©, but were immediately chased out.  One anti fascist beat up 10 fascists with his arms tied behind his back.  Weyman Bennett grabbed 4 fascists and threw them to the other side of the road which was 30 foot away.  The fascists failed to realise that they were dealing with serious anti fascists, many of whom have black belts in karate.  The fascists then phoned the police for protection.  When the police arrived they charged at the anti fascists with batons.  Weyman Bennett then climbed up a plastic drain pipe and escaped from the scene by jumping across buildings and roofs and then climbing back down onto the street.  This proves that Nazis won`t be tolerated in Brighton, and that they will receive a massive shock when they assemble in Brighton on Sunday.

Friday, 12 April 2013

                                                    THE SABOTAGE OF BRITAIN`S BREWING INDUSTRY

Two pub managers have finally announced that they are to quit the pub industry permanently. Seth Armstrong and his business partner Mr Wilks stated that the quality of lagers and ciders in Britain was reducing the industry to a laughing stock.  Foreign beers were now superior to British beers and ciders.  Seth stated that the brewing industry were adding chemicals to British beers in order to speed up the fermentation process.

In Germany they have a law of purity called Reinheitsgebot, and in France it`s called loi de purete, which prevents chemicals from being added to alcoholic beverages, in Britain there is no law of purity.  Seth stated that a number of his locals were enjoying beers and ciders, when one of the punters ran to the toilet with a bad stomach, a number of other punters also became ill with loose bowels.  Seth had to spend 3 hours cleaning the toilets up the next day, initially it was thought that there had been an epidemic of gastroenteritis, but when the punters told Seth that they had been buying Polish beers, and not having any stomach problems, Seth knew the pub was in trouble.  Seth stated that the Government had ruined the brewing industry by taking control of it.  One local Alan Turner (see picture) had stopped drinking beer and had moved onto spirits, but unfortunately had become alcohol dependent.  Turner stated that he had changed to spirits in order to curb abnormal bowel activity induced by British beers, and now his life was in ruins.

Thursday, 11 April 2013