Friday, 23 November 2012

                                       A PHOTOGRAPH OF MATTHEW COLLINS FROM HOPE NOT HATE

                                                   MORE LEFT WING NONSENSE FROM THE MEDIA

The national media in Britain has printed numerous stories about Lazio fans attacking a small group of Tottenham fans in Rome, the supporters were seriously injured after being attacked with knives, a tourist was also injured, well it turns out that it was A.S.Roma supporters that were responsible for the attack and not Lazio.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

                                       COGNITIVE THERAPY TO BE ADMINISTERED TO ANTI FASCISTS

Government sponsored psychiatrists are now claiming that they could possible have a cure for left wing political supporters which could eradicate left wing opposition.  A Government funded project is now claiming that cognitive therapy could change members of SWP and the UAF from being socialists into ordinary decent working members of the general public.

A brochure has been produced with a list of symptoms to watch out for, the guidelines are as follows

Do you have a friend or relative who is obsessed with Nazism and the second world war?
Or are they obsessed with class differences and keep talking about class differences?
Do they ignore crime committed by immigrants or attempt to make excuses for them?
Does your friend or relative wear Che Guevara emblems or t shirts?
Do they keep calling people Nazis for simply disagreeing with them?
Are they rude and abusive when they express their political opinions?
Or does your relative or friend constantly claim to represent democracy and civil rights, but at the same time insist that Nationalists should be incarcerated in prison?

If you have answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then you need to contact your local psychiatrist and arrange an appointment for a cognitive therapy.

Cognitive therapy challenges the way people think, so that if a person views the world in such a negative manner it will cause the person to be depressed,  so the political left will have their views directly challenged as to why they view society in such a disturbed manner.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


DAY 1, I ventured into town to meet up with an acquaintance in wetherspoons for around 12 o clock.  When I arrived I sat at the usual table and there were other people present, after one pint of cider the effects of the alcohol started to kick in.  I noticed somebody reading a newspaper so I asked the gent if he was reading anything interesting, he replied by saying "it`s an article on those asylum seekers, they should return home, there`s too many here"  I immediately called the man a racist and a Fascist, the man replied by saying "no I`m not you imbecile, I have black mates that I socialise with" I then said "don`t give me that nonsense just because you have a couple of black mates that you`re not racist" the man then grabbed me and threw me across the pub, I crashed into the pub entrance and tumbled onto the carpet.  I then decided to leave the pub with my friend and walked into another pub near by.  As we entered the next pub, the manager said "max get out you`re barred" so made a quick exit and walked into a pub at the bottom end of town.

We ordered a few ciders and started talking to the bar tender, after a short while I noticed a group people who were off duty soldiers near the bar talking about military activities, I immediately said "I don`t agree with you lot out in Iraq killing kids and innocent people" the soldiers responded by saying "we are not stationed in Iraq, we are based in Germany".  I then stated "yes but you`re still employed by a fascist regime" one of the soldiers then advised me to be quiet or else I could be injured.  The landlord then appeared and then said " Max you have had enough it`s time to leave" I said "I am only my second pint" the landlord then grabbed me and forcefully ejected me from the premise.  In general this was a typical day for anti fascist, being a lefty can cause problems with your social life, in fact it`s reached point now where I am barred from half the pubs and shops in town, a number of friends have now disassociated themselves from me because of my rude abusive manner and extreme political views.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

                                           GENETIC SCIENTISTS CROSS MARTIN SMITH WITH A GOAT

After a Saturday night out with comrades in London, Martin Smith Unite Against Fascism leader was returning to Essex where he is currently residing near Barking, it had been a successful evening where Smith and his group had consumed alcohol on a park bench in London, but the group was forced to move on by the police after being ordered out of the immediate vicinity or face  arrest.  Smith then returned to Essex, as  Smith was approaching his flat, suddenly a group of doctors in white coats jumped out of a white van and charged at Smith, Martin immediately shouted out "Nazis" at the doctors.  Smith was then subdued and had chloroform put over his mouth to sedate him.

The next day Smith woke up inside his apartment with a severe head ache, Martin then examined his lower torso and realised that he had acquired animal type hooves, he then looked in the mirror and noticed animal horns, Martin then shouted out "o.k who`s put acid in my cider", but there was no response, Smith then realised that he had been crossed with a goat.  Martin then panicked and phoned the 999 emergency line, when the operator on the emergency line asked Smith what the problem was, Martin then explained to the operator that he was turning into a goat, and suspected that he had been the victim of a genetic experiment, the operator said to Smith that the line was for grave emergencies and serious enquiries only and that she did not share his sense of humour.  The receptionist then put the phone down on Smith.

After a couple of days Smith`s Communist comrades called at Smith`s apartment to check on him.  Smith appeared at the door with the chain latch attached to the door, Martin`s comrades asked him if he was o.k and that they were concerned as Smith had not turned up at the U.A.F offices.  Martin stated that he was perfectly fine and that everything was o.k, one of the activists requested that Smith should allow them access to the apartment just to check if the organisation had been compromised or not, Smith said "no I can`t allow you in" but eventually Smith agreed and let his friends in the apartment.  One of the activists abruptly asked Martin why he was dressed up in a goat costume, Smith responded by saying "it`s not a costume" the activist asked Martin what had happened" Smith responded in an aggressive manner and stated "I have no idea what`s happened,"  the others asked Smith if it had been Nazis that were responsible, Martin then stated that it possibly could have been David  Cameron that was responsible for ordering the experiment in order to silence the U.A.F.

The goat horns were later removed via a chainsaw and Smith has now been forced to have special boots made in order to facilitate the change in anatomy.  Martin is determined to continue with his Communist activists in his battle against Fascism.

Monday, 19 November 2012

                                                              BRISTOL EDL LEADER ARRESTED

The leader of Bristol EDL has been arrested for alleged attacks on a mosque and a Sikh temple, two EDL supporters were arrested but not charged, this is no doubt another excuse by the police to cause misery to EDL supporters and their families.  Ironically left wing activists bragged on indymedia how they had attacked places in Bristol including British telecom, but the police never appear to be interested, you can view the article here

Sunday, 18 November 2012

                                       THOUSANDS RALLY AGAINST SAME SEX MARRIAGES IN FRANCE
                                                       NICK LOWLES ATTENDS A BDSM CONFERENCE

A photo of Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate auctioning off a far left Nazi fetish magazine for a catastrophic 75 pounds.  Lowles also auctioned other personal items.

Friday, 16 November 2012

                                                  ARABIC NAMES ARE NATIVE TO THE BRITISH ISLES

A recent survey has exposed that numerous names previously considered alien to the British isles could actually be native. The most common Arabic name "Mohammed Khan" is now believed to be of Anglo Saxon origin, the name "Khan" is now believed to be derived from the old English expression"can`t" as in a person that is impotent and "can`t perform in bed".  The name "Mohammed Ali is now thought to be derived from a street vendor that sold ham in a snicket during the Norman occupation of England, in which Arabs were permitted to remain in England but under strict regulations. The name Ali could be old English for alley/snicket/ginnel this proves that Arabic names are actually native to the British isles.  The name Abdul is now believed to be derived from the old English word "dull" meaning that a person is boring.  The biggest shock is the name "Obama" which is now believed to be derived from the  Latin term "embalmer" as in a person that was employed in a mortuary that embalmed people, this could actually prove that president Obama`s ancestry traces back to Europe and not Africa.

The name Sadiq is now thought to be derived possibly for the word "sneak" as in a person that was devious or sneaky, or it could be from the Latin word sadistic" meaning a person that was brutal and cruel.  The Arabic name "Anjem" possibly could be of Jewish origin meaning "I`m Jew" it is believed that during the expulsion of Jews during the Plantagenet occupation of England that the W was changed to an M in order for people of Jewish origin to disguise their true identity, so Anjem Choudary could originally be Jewish.  This could be a major shock for historians and could signify a complete change in attitudes surrounding British history and culture.

One bus driver has already refused to drive the bus advertising the stonewall poster.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Tuesday, 13 November 2012


                                                   THOUSANDS OF FRENCH CITIZENS RALLY IN PARIS

Thousands of French people rallied in  Paris on Saturday to protest against France being turned into an Islamic state. The protest has not been reported by the mass media and has virtually been ignored.  Far left and Muslim groups have labelled the rally as being "fascist" and far right, but in reality it was a collection of concerned French citizens, this is why the media in general have decided to ignore the rally.  France now has a left wing Government that will simply appease and grovel to the Muslims, and of course anarchists will be enjoying the destruction of France.  Sarkozy was probably disposed of by his puppet masters once he started being to confrontational  over the Muslim issue, although Sarkozy was far from perfect he did suggest some moves in the right direction, now that France has a "socialist" Government there will probably be an increase in immigration and Islamic segregation and crime committed by immigrants, these are all the result of left wing policies.


Click on the link and view the shocking revelation.,7340,L-4299673,00.html

Monday, 12 November 2012


The same people (commies) who usually have an orgasm when somebody is arrested for burning the Koran are now complaining about civil liberties now after a lefty was arrested for burning a poppy, now additional buffoons are copying the act. Above a photo posted by Wayne Price "fighting Fascism" by burning a poppy.
                                                                       POPPY BURNER ARRESTED

The poppy burner from Kent has now been arrested for malicious communications for posting the image online, ironically certain left wingers have now decided to support the act, Tim Minchin an Australian comedian stated that a person has the right to burn a poppy.  here`s the article

A photo of the "comedian" who supports burning poppies


Sunday, 11 November 2012


                                              ANTI FASCIST BURNS THE POPPY ON ARMISTICE DAY

                                                  NICK LOWLES CONFRONTS THE FAR RIGHT IN TEXAS

Above a photograph of Nick Lowles in Texas

Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate is currently out in Texas investigating racist attitudes during the post Obama victory.  No doubt the Daily Mirror has paid for this vacation to America, but the trip has already turned sour with Lowles being forcefully ejected from a bar in Austin, and being attacked by a viper.

When Lowles arrived in Texas he immediately purchased a cowboy costume in order to fit in with the locals.  Nick then entered a bar in Austin but noticed nobody else wearing traditional cowboy garments.  Lowles ordered a southern comfort but spat half of it out when he attempted to swallow it.  Lowles attempted to engage some of Texans in conversation.  After five minutes Lowles mentioned the Obama victory and the atmosphere turned aggressive, one Texan stated that Obama does not represent white people only Afro Americans, Lowles accused the Texan of being racist, and stated that attitudes like that resulted in Nazi holocaust.  The Texan then said to Lowles "what the hell is? are you some type of commie boy"  Lowles then confirmed that he was a Communist, the Texan then grabbed hold of Lowles and forcefully ejected him from the bar, Lowles was left on the pavement in his cowboy costume battered and bruised.

Lowles has now been forced to cancel the rest of the visit after being bitten by a snake whilst attempting to photograph a far right music concert outside Austin.
                                                  RUSSELL BRAND "ENJOYING" HIMSELF ON HEROIN

Notice the Communist t shirt.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

                                                     CHARLIE VEITCH HUMILIATED IN MANCHESTER

Last Saturday Charlie Veitch a so called anarchist assembled in Manchester city centre to protest against the Monarchy.  The protest consisted of two people including Charlie and another so called anarchist.  Veitch hurled abuse against the monarchy through a mega phone, but after a short while a group of teenagers confronted Veitch about his repulsive views, Charlie then provoked them further by saying "fxxk your queen" "come on get angry" one of the teenagers lashed out Veitch (who is six foot five) and then a fire cracker was thrown at Veitch.  We must congratulate the teenagers for confronting veitch.  The video of the incident has been posted on youtube, the video also contains an anti white pride song, this again proves that people like Veitch have such limited intelligence, that they view all opposition as Nazis, even thought the teenagers that confonted Veitch were football type casuals who have no interest in Nazi politics, they simply took offence to Veitch verbally abusing the royal family and British identity, Veitch appears to be unable to comprehend this.

The so called anarchist charlie Veitch has an interesting history, he is a former city banker who then declared himself an anarchist, despite this claim Veitch was able to maintain a decent standard of living including living in London and travelling all over the globe, not bad for an anarchist.  Veitch decided to get involved with the 9-11 truth movement, which is a group that is dedicated into promoting a proper investigation into the 9-11 attacks as the post investigation was badly flawed into explaining how jet fuel from a plane caused such carnage and devastion.  Veitch travelled to America but then made a complete turn around about the official version of events by stating that he supported the Government`s version of events.  The vacation was paid for by the BBC, Veitch was condemned as being a traitor and a puppet of the establishment.  Veitch is now so unpopular in left wing circles that he does not attend any left wing rallies anymore, only his own small demonstrations.  Veitch has also been condemned as being self obsessed and psychopathic, although Veitch claims to be British, he displays a very unusual accent with a slight American influence.  Charlie Veitch might not be his real name, it seems that the fire cracker incident on Saturday is part of a long list of failures in Veitch`s miserable existence. you can view the incident here

Friday, 9 November 2012

                                                 RUSSELL BRAND`S RECENT IDIOTIC PHOTO SESSION

Russell Brand attempts to look intimidating in front of a black power poster.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

                                            LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE RECRUITMENT POSTER

                                           ANTI FASCIST PROTEST AT LONDON ZOO ON SATURDAY

Anti fascists are assembling this Saturday at 12.00 outside London zoo to protest about the conduct of one of the animals.  The previous week a group of pupils from a local school were on a guided tour of zoo when a bear called Bruno performed a Nazi salute.  The group contained a number of pupils from ethnic minorities and the gesture was a deliberate and provocative action.  Anti fascists are going to put out a message to the zoo that racism has no place inside London zoo.  Assemble at the main entrance of London zoo at 12.00 this Saturday.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


                                            THE POLICE DEMAND CAMERAS IN ALL LAVATORIES

The police have put forward a proposal to have all lavatories private or public to be equipped with CCTV, anyone who defies this could face a prison sentence.  The police have stated that the move is necessary in order combat terrorism, there is a real possibility that the far right could attempt to produce a dirty bomb filled with excrement or a methane bomb.  The CCTV would go directly to a local police station where the footage would be "monitored", a police spokesperson said that it was in the interest of national security.  The police have received information that a terror attack could be imminent, also sewage workers would be subjected to regular stop and search tactics in order to prevent a methane bomb from being produced.  All sewage workers would now be subjected to criminal record checks, and anyone with a far right past would be incarcerated under the anti terrorism act for a minimum of 90 days.  A local sewage worker has condemned the move by the police, and that new laws could make their job very difficult, and public sanitation could suffer.

The police recently arrested a vagrant who had defecated himself while intoxicated, the vagrant was detained under the anti terrorism act where he was accused of providing excrement for a dirty bomb to be produced, during questioning the accused was put in a swivel chair until he vomited, the vagrant denied being part of a terror plot. The FBI has also declared that it will support the new law and that it could be important in preventing another terror attack similar to the twin towers.
                                                THE BRITISH POLICE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME


Nick Lowles has recently carried out an in depth project into Nazi propaganda films and has discovered that many British children's television programmes were based on real propaganda films.  Numerous cartoons have been condemned as being Fascist.  Lowles claims that a complete lack of ethnic minorities proves that there has been racism in the cartoon industry, when ethnic minorities have appeared in cartoons usually they have been portrayed as being negative or stereotypical.  Lowles stated that the teletubbies was based on Nazi propaganda in which the original cartoon characters boycotted Jewish shops and market stalls, the cartoon was originally called "dicke fernsehen" which translates in English as "television fatties".  Lowles claims that the original Nazi cartoon scripted by Julius Streicher contained teletubbies in Nazi uniforms.  Lowles also stated that the removal of rasta mouse by the BBC was a victory for common sense.

A whites only policy has been in operation for cartoon characters for years, there were no Black or Asian people in scooby doo, this all points to racism in the cartoon industry, even morph (pictured above) from take hart has been accused of being a Fascist by Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate.  Other characters including daffy duck and bugs bunny have been accused of being racist, as well as the speedy Gonzalez character which is racist against mexicans.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012



Last night the BBC aired a programme called inside out, which focused on the Muslim street paedophile epidemic.  Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadhan foundation was commissioned to present the programme.  Shafiq travelled to Holland to talk to Muslims in Amsterdam who claim to have cured the problem by raising the issue in local mosques.  We have been constantly told by the Islamic community and the leftists that the Muslim paedophile problem is a product of the far right`s vivid imagination, now we are being informed that the problem does actually exist.  Shafiq stated that 80 percent of child sex abuse cases in the UK are carried out by whites, so this means that 20 percent of all cases are carried out by non whites, so that means that 3 percent of the population are responsible for 20 percent of child sex cases, 97 percent are responsible for 80 percent of sex cases.  So Shafiq has admitted that non whites are statistically far more likely to abuse a minor.  Unite Against Fascism stated that the Muslim paedophile epidemic in abusing white girls was a fascist myth.  Shafiq at least has admitted and condemned criminality in the Pakistani community.  Liberal Dutch politicians however suggested legalising paedophilia so that it would no longer be considered a criminal offence.