Thursday, 27 June 2013

                                                          BRISTOL ANTIFA RAIDED BY THE POLICE

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


A local cricket match turned violent at the weekend when an umpire made a decision to disallow a wicket keeper from wearing one glove, and use the other to throw the ball with.  The game was supposed to be a friendly involving former members of Eton college.  David Cameron was present when the match turned violent.

After an argument with the umpire, members of the crowd became aggressive and a pitch invasion commenced. The umpire was chased out of the grounds, and David Cameron threw his shoes at the umpire and chased after him (see main photo) and shouted "you`re going to die for this".  One of Cameron`s associates attempted to assault the umpire with a bottle of champagne but slipped and missed. Eventually the umpire ran into the local police station for protection, and the police were forced to barricade themselves inside the station after the angry mob continued to chase after the umpire.  Two arrests were made and the mob dispersed after the riot police appeared on the scene.

In the news today, convicted serial killer Dale Gregan has been offered prison protection by radical Muslims if he converts to Islam, it is thought that Gregan could accept the offer due to rival gangsters placing a bounty on Gregan.

The Spanish tourism authorities have now announced that they are to open a tower to the general public that was constructed in the 1930`s by the Spanish dictator General Franco.  The macabre tower was used to throw Communists off during the Spanish civil war.  The tourism authorities have announced that it will be open to educational visits at the price of 5 Euros per person.  Spanish left wing activists have pledged a counter protest against the decision, and they have condemned the move as "insensitive" and "capitalist".  It is believed that the tower was originally constructed as an incinerator to put Communists in, but it was decided that the method would be too expensive.  The tower has Roman and Arabic influences and is 5 miles south of Toledo, which was the original Spanish capital before Madrid.  Despite numerous complaints the tourism authorities have refused to back down over the decision and they have stated that the tower is part of Spain`s history.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


                                            Antifa attempt to gain credibility by vandalising the gents toilets

A leading member of exposing racism and intolerance online has been exposed by the Daily Mail as a street con merchant earning thousands of pounds a year posing as a homeless vagrant.  David Hunter who is an member of the expose admin team has now received an anti social behaviour to prevent him deceiving members of the public out of money.  It is now believed that the money Hunter conned out of the public was used to fund his luxury lifestyle of gambling casinos and vacations to Monaco.

Friday, 21 June 2013


This is Trevor Clifford a former psychiatric nurse who is a motorcycle enthusiast, who lives in Leeds. Clifford was employed in Wakefield and in Calderdale where he spent time supposedly helping people with mental health problems, but in reality Clifford was a violent bully, who assaulted patients and made offensive remarks to people who were depressed.  Trevor was sacked from Stanningleyroyd hospital in Wakefield after several incidents involving assaulting patients, one former nurse from Wakefield called Paul stated that Clifford was an insult to nursing.  After being sacked Trevor became a salesperson knocking on peoples doors attempting to sell encyclopedias.

Eventually Clifford obtained another job in psychiatry at the Halifax psychiatric unit where he continued with his aggressive and violent activities.  Numerous complaints were launched against Clifford in regards to his conduct, several patients complained about Clifford making offensive and vulgar remarks to them. Others complained that Clifford had suggested that "perhaps one day you might kill yourselves", some of these patients were suicidal, others had been abused by violent spouses, and some had been abused in children`s homes.  One art occupational therapist stated that he had seen Clifford throw a patient with dementia onto the floor after the confused patient wandered off the ward.  Clifford  also assaulted a teenager who was later diagnosed with a depressive illness, Clifford threw the teenager into door, but the teenager responded by punching Clifford repeatedly, it took several people to restrain the patient, and Clifford lied about the circumstances of the assault, but no action was taken in regards to the incident, Clifford claimed that he attempted to carry out a restraining technique but accidentally applied too much pressure and cut off the teenager`s oxygen supply,  as a result the victim responded by punching clifford several times in the head in order to escape from the stranglehold.

The Halifax psychiatric unit was closed down in 1995 due to severe neglect of patients by nurses who were supposed to be caring for them.  Clifford was then moved to Northowram hospital where he continued to be employed by Calderdale health care, despite them having received dozens of complaints about Clifford. One nurse called Steve confirmed that Clifford had been assaulting patients at the hospital.  Fortunately Trevor is no longer employed by the hospital.  This is unfortunately the tip of the iceberg in regards to atrocious neglect in the mental health system, and the care of elderly people.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Last week around a couple of hundred commies assembled in London to make complete idiots of themselves.  There were 58 arrests for public order offences and one commie attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a high building, the lunatic shouted "I don`t want to live in a Fascist state" before attempting to jump, unfortunately the police saved the would be suicide jumper.  The other commies in the street thanked the police for saving their comrade by shouting "shame on you" at the police.  No doubt the international bankers will be in hysterics at the lunatic left running around with "no prisons" and "no borders" placards and attacking cash point machines..  The anti capitalist movement is a joke and is clearly no threat to the international bankers.  The political left condemn the international banking system, but fail the offer a valid alternative to the banking system.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

                                             ISLAMIC GRAFFITI SPRAYED IN CHRISTIAN CEMETERY

                                    74 YEAR OLD PENSIONER ATTACKED BY PAKISTANIS IN HALIFAX

A 74 year old pensioner has been attacked in Halifax West Yorkshire by two Pakistanis.  The pensioner was on his way home when he was brutally assaulted near the former Asquiths foundry, the attack left victim with facial bruising and two black eyes, the victim managed to fight back which saved him from sustaining more serious injuries.  The Police arrested one of the attackers who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, it took three police officers to restrain the attacker.  The culprit has now been remanded in custody to Armley prison in Leeds.  The local gazette the Halifax courier has not reported the incident, which is typical by the British media to suppress attacks on White people by the Pakistani community.

                                                       BURNLEY PROMOTIONAL VIDEO BANNED BY YOUTUBE

The above video has now been banned by youtube, claiming that it promotes "hate speech".  The video was a promotional for the "stop the Islamification of Britain" demonstration this Saturday in Burnley England.  It would appear that the authorities are putting pressure on youtube to deny patriots freedom of speech.  Strangely enough the extreme left and their Islamic allies are allowed to post videos promoting extreme violence against patriots and other opposition.  The authorities are terrified of the British rising up against the multi cultural chaos that is destroying Britain.  No doubt the  this Saturday the Greater Manchester Police will have received approval from the Government to use aggressive policing on patriots.

Friday, 7 June 2013



This is Robert Birch from Leeds who organised a counter protest to disrupt the Lee Rigby memorial march on Saturday in Manchester.  Dozens of patriots assembled to pay honour to the soldier who was brutally killed by two Islamic fundamentalists.  Birch and his associates disrupted the two minutes silence.  Birch is a strange character who has a fetish for gas masks, Birch`s practices are so unusual that he actually infiltrated an English Defence League protest and took photographs of activists in order to use them as paraphernalia.  Meanwhile in Sheffield on Saturday local Muslims threw flowers from the Lee Rigby memorial onto the pavement, in full view of the Police.  The U.A.F also threw a bottle into the E.D.L memorial parade for Lee Rigby.  This Saturday there will be another memorial for Lee Rigby due the Police refusing permission for Nationalists to march.  Also in Leeds the Police double crossed the Nationalist march and decided at the last moment not to grant permission for the march, even though previously they had agreed to.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

                                                     LEFT WING EXTREMISTS ATTACK A LONE PATRIOT