Sunday, 30 December 2012

                                      POLICE BATTER FEMALES IN A KEBAB SHOP AFTER A NIGHT OUT

A member of the Greater Manchester Police savagely attacked two females in a kebab shop after she poked fun at the fancy dress costumes one off the off duty officers was wearing, the incident occurred in Wigan, this is the same area that a soldier was beaten up by a group of police officers.  The police have now removed the CCTV footage that captured the incident, chances are the optical evidence collector`s computer will have breakdown whilst the footage is being downloaded, and the footage will be lost.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

                                       MATTHEW COLLINS PLUMMETS TO THE DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY.

Matthew Collins who writes articles for the Hope Not Hate site, has now reached an all time low in order to earn money, we can reveal that Collins is now working as a male escort called stimulator 8 inch.  Collins claims to be an ex marine and has clearly lied about his age on his profile.

Monday, 24 December 2012

                                     BBC ORDERED TO HAVE MORE GAY TELEVISION PRESENTERS

A political watchdog has "ordered" the BBC to have more gay presenters in their programmes, this also includes children's television programmes including traditional children's fairy tales/fables.  Disgraced television presenter Michael Barrymore has immediately volunteered for the job, and has even re-scripted traditional children's stories, although Barrymore claims that he is merely updating the stories to modern "standards".  The tale of "faithful John" will now be called "unfaithful John", the Rumpelstiltskin story has also been changed, the elf in the story is now a homosexual who headbutts an oak beam after consuming 8 pints of west country cider in a tavern, due to being rejected by a local male, instead of stamping his foot through the floor as told in the original tale.  Jack the giant killer has now been changed to "Jack the giant filler", and also the Norwegian tale the three billy goats gruff has been altered so that the troll in the story is now a homosexual that is actively pursuing the three male goats, eventually Peter Tatchell turns up with a group of gay rights activists to support the troll and the homophobic goats are expelled from the region.

The traditional punch and Judy show, which is normally associated with British sea side towns (introduced in England by southern Italian immigrants in the 17th century) has also been changed so that punchinello is now married to a man called called John and bludgeons his partner after a lovers quarrel.


The British police are also supporting the new move in which the entertainment industry will introduce more homosexuals.  Recently a children's pantomime was raided by the police after it featured a story about a king who falls in love with a princess, the police raided the theatre and ordered everybody to stop what they were doing or else they would be arrested, the police then ordered the pantomime to be re-named "the king and king", the police then ordered a male member of the audience to dress up in the queen`s costume or face arrest, the police claimed that they were simply just obeying orders.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR VIEWERS


This site is going strength to strength with daily viewings on a global scale, if you support the aims of purposes of this site then it is vital you share this site with other people. This has been a chaotic year for us and some of our supporters and bloggers have faced threats, intimidation and even extreme violence, one of our bloggers was severely beaten, not by criminals but by the very people who are supposed to be protecting us, THE POLICE!! ,but no matter how much violence is inflicted on us, we will continue with this site, extra special gratitude to all our viewers in the USA, who represent 40 percent of the viewings on this site, so have a merry Christmas, normally we would be enjoying a few festive beverages at our local tavern, but unfortunately torrential rain has kept us all inside today, so from Atlantis (Britain) have a merry Christmas!!!

Friday, 21 December 2012

                                             SINISTER PHOTOGRAPH OF BBC HEADQUARTERS.

You will notice the statue on the facade has what appears to be an adult with a male infant in a provocative position, the BBC is currently being investigated for a mass paedophile network dating back decades.

Thursday, 20 December 2012


In February a small group of English Defence League supporters were attacked by members of the West Yorkshire police, initially it was thought the officers were from the local Leicester constabulary, but it later emerged that they were from West Yorkshire.  One 15 year old EDL supporter was attacked as was an EDL cameraman and a mini bus window was smashed by the police.  The incident occurred at the side of two minibuses when the police had deliberately allowed a group of Muslims to charge towards the minibuses containing EDL supporters.  Some EDL members got out of the two minibuses to see what was happening, but instead of chasing the Muslims away the police launched a violent unprovoked attack on a small group of EDL supporters.

PC Zemlik 3688 pictured below was seen assaulting people without provocation.  PC Flint 5915 attacked a 15 year old boy from behind with a baton.  PC Marshal 5868 attacked the EDL cameraman as did another officer who has not been identified.  PC Romani 1758 was also present.  John Hampshire investigating the complaint decided that there was no case to answer to, and that the police acted in accordance with their training, the police also lied and claimed that the EDL were attempting to attack members of the public! even though none were present.  This is why the police can get away with inflicting severe violence on people because there is no independent organisation to investigate them, the police have almost a licence to kill.


Monday, 17 December 2012

                                              ALICE MAHON BANS BANANAS FROM HALIFAX SCHOOL

A Halifax school has banned bananas from being brought into the school grounds through fear that it could offend a member of staff of African origin.  A letter was posted to parents of school pupils claiming that a member of staff was allergic to bananas and that exposure to a banana could prove fatal.  The Halifax courier has published the story claiming that the ban is for health and safety reasons, but here at the Anti Faschista we have received reports from concerned parents that the real reason for banning the bananas was politically motivated and was prompted by a former left wing member of parliament for Halifax, Alice Mahon.

It has been reported that Mahon had received complaints about children play fighting with bananas in the school yard, and that the gesture was racially motivated against a member of staff who was of non European heritage.  Kevin Mottram UAF organiser for Halifax welcomed the ban and stated that he would take the fight against Fascism further by suggesting a national ban on bananas in the British isles.  Mottram stated that bananas are generally viewed as a symbol of racism and repression and had no place in western democratic societies.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


The following extract is from a statement made by a sixty five year old pensioner who witnessed the police in Oldham attack a defenceless 21 year old EDL supporter in September 2010.

"The male being detained was face down on the floor and the two police officers were either side of him, each holding an arm behind his back, they both had a knee in his back so he could not move.  I then saw another officer approach the male being detained on the floor. he got hold of the man`s clothing behind his clothing and lifted his head up off the floor I noticed he had a police baton in his right arm, I then saw him raise his right hand as far back as he could and strike the male on top of his head with the baton as hard as he possibly could.  As soon as he hit his head it started bleeding and the was blood all over the place it made me feel physically sick and I started to shake, and I really thought that the male was seriously hurt and that the officer who had hit him was seriously out of order.  The officer that struck him had short dark hair with sideburns and was quite tanned and was in his thirties.

Just as this happened another officer walked past our car and I said through an open "are you going to sort this" the officer then told me to shut up and carried on walking, as we drove past the three officers I shouted out of the window "you`re fucking out of order"  I still feel angry about what happened and I feel let down by the police who I thought were there to protect us.

The officer who committed the violent unprovoked attack on the EDL supporter was PC Carmody 19174 from the Greater Manchester Police Tactical Aid Unit.

The victim received six stitches to his head, (the wound was very similiar to one in the top photograph) the police then had the cheek to charge him with violent disorder, which was later dropped.