Wednesday, 22 August 2012

                                                                          NICK GRIFFIN ON THE EDL

The EDL that calls itself the counter jihad movement that appears to be a working class movement is actually funded by Zionists, and the EDL is a multi million pound project aimed at fighting for Israel.  The EDL are carrying out extreme Zionist policy of "starting" conflict with Muslims.  Some EDL organisers have received thousands of pounds  and free holidays to Israel.  Robert Maxwell has also been funding the EDL.  Recently the Yorkshire organiser visited Israel on an all expenses paid vacation where he liaised with a rabbi from Tel Aviv.  The organiser also received a camper van with an on board kosher kitchen.  He also visited a tattoo parlour and had a star of David tattood on him.  In 2011 EDL organisers were ordered to expel a small group of Nazis, but were ordered not to expel Roberta Moore or else long range missiles would be fired at their houses from Israel.

An EDL social was held where they held a commemoration to the Stern gang from Israel who were a terrorist organisation.

Tommy Robinson has engaged in talks with mossad about the possibility of pushing Zionist politics to working class people in Britain.  Tommy received a million pound pay out for his activities, and it is believed that Robinson has had major plastic surgery to hide his original Jewish Identity.  Robinson`s real Name is Tobias Rubenstein, he is an Israeli national and currently holds an Israeli passport.  Upper class homosexuals have also been funding the EDL due to homosexuals in general view Islam as a threat, a fund raiser event was held in the gents toilets in victoria station where 50 pence was raised for the EDL.  Zionist homosexuals also want to "open" up Russia to homosexuality.  There has also been a number of free masons joining the EDL including high ranking free masons, some Devil worshippers have also joined the EDL, some EDL supporters have been seen wearing satanic slogans.

So there you have it, EDL "exposed" in a nut shell


Many of you will be aware of a video posted on youtube in which a black "female" shouted verbal abuse against white people and accused them of wanting to look like her, and of having injections in their backsides to increase bottom size like black women.  The daily mail has published an Internet article but there has been a wall of silence from the "anti" racist industry and also a wall of silence from the police who claim to have made an arrest.  The person in the video has been released on bail with a condition not to go near public transport, Emma West who was put in prison for claiming there was too many foreigners in Britain had her child removed from her and put in care, and yet nothing has happened about the black racist.

Here at the anti fascista investigations have revealed the true identity of the culprit involved in the anti white tirade, everything will make sense as to why the whole thing is being covered up.  Today we received an email which read

"I am an anti racist activist that works for the race relations board, I feel I have to say something in regards to the identity of the individual in the youtube video.  A group of us had been out drinking with Trevor Phillips who is head of the commission for racial equality, Trevor was on double vodkas and was the worse for wear, we set off back to the tube when we passed a shop selling horror masks, Trevor noticed one from day of the dead and bought it, Trevor then boarded the tube and began messing around, I got off at my stop and Trevor continued his journey to Brixton.  It was only a couple of days later when I saw the video on youtube that I realised it was actually Trevor in horror mask, intoxicated on vodka, it started off as a joke but trevor went too far"

The details of this Email have been passed onto the police.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


On Saturday around 40 EDL supporters held a social event in Halifax and Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge.  When the group arrived in Hebden Bridge problems emerged immediately as a local Commie spotted an EDL banner and immediately went berserk screaming "Nazi bastards" there was also families with their children near the scene shopping, one child started crying.  The communist then entered the local pub toilets and attempted to assault the local EDL organiser but was ejected from the toilets very quickly.  A number of communists were in Hebden Bridge but failed to support their comrade who was throwing a tantrum.  The communist then began screaming abuse outside at people, the man`s name was Andy and he goes by the nick name of "bender Benson" a play on Booger Benson from Grange Hill.  The lunatic then continued to pick fights with EDL supporters and at one point lunged at a local female who was attempting to calm the situation down.

By now a local psychiatric nurse had arrived and carted the communist away.  The man was also suspected of taking the dangerous drug methadrone, he was then taken away for an anger management course.

Friday, 17 August 2012

                                      FORMER "FAR RIGHT" ACTIVIST RESURFACES IN TODMORDEN

A former far right activist has recently resurfaced on Todmorden market in West Yorkshire.  Ben Simpson a former National Front member who also used to attend Blood and Honour concerts is now  trading on Todmorden Market, Simpson is now a convert to Judaism.  In a strange twist  Simpson previously stated that he hated Jews and even used to sell CD`S by the Nazi group from Denmark Jewthuanasia who`s CD cover depicted a violent image of a decapitated Rabbi,  Simpson also has an SS skull tattooed on his arm.  But Simpson past is even more strange, Ben used to be a member of Antifa and also had an Antifa tattoo on his arm, he "was"  also a heroin addict.  Simpson is from a middle class family in Lancashire and also attempted to join Oldham`s football hooligan scene, but Simpson was rejected by the hooligans after he was suspected of being gay.

During Simpson`s attendance of National Front activities he would make a nuisance of himself by shouting abuse at female pedestrians, he also launched abusive tirades against people from Yorkshire.  After leaving the NF Simpson infiltrated the Loyalist scene even though a former partner of Simpson`s was Irish.

Simpson is now selling junk on Todmorden market on Thursdays , Simpson has proved to be a chameleon and merchant of sorts during his failed career.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

                                                            LONDON MET TAKEN OVER BY ALIENS


                                      RETIREMENT HOME FOR NEGRO FORMER SPACE ASTRONAUTS

A government funded project is due to be launched next month, a retirement home for Negro astronauts is due to open next month.  Trevor Phillips welcomed the multi million project that has been supported by the commission for racial equality.  The home has a blacks only policy and white people are not permitted to work there and are also refused access to the building.  Trevor stated that this was an important move for black people in achieving equal rights.

The home has fully equipped rooms with sky television and swivel chairs to recreate a space shuttle effect.  A swimming pool has also been built for the residents along with a cricket pitch and a bowling green.  The president of Nigeria is now due to fly to England to visit the home, president Obama has also pledged his support for the home.  Obama stated that black people had played a major role in advancing human activity in space.  Obama slammed the original space landing in 1969 as being false and manufactured in a studio, Obama stated that Nigeria had actually landed the first people on the moon, Obama showed photographs of the first moon landings which here at the anti faschista have access to, we have now decided to publish the photographs of the original black space project which can be viewed with this article.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

                                                             INDYMEDIA A SECOND RATE WEBSITE

Here is a photo from Bristol indymedia, you will notice an error in the title, strikes has been written as "stikes", and this is from indymedia who are always calling nationalists idiots and uneducated fools.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate is been confirmed with having links to Irish gangsters and republicans.  Desmond Noonan a gangster of Irish descent who operates in Manchester has confirmed links to Antifa, which is an organisation that both Matthew Collins and Lowles have been actively involved and still maintain contact with.  Noonan has threatened BNP members in Manchester.  Noonan has taken part in two documentaries on himself.  The most recent was called "A Very British Gangster" in which Noonan was seen at an IRA funeral, and also admitted to being a homosexual, as well as supporting mass immigration into the U.K.

The documentary was hosted by McIntyre in which Noonan was portrayed as being not too bad a person.  This confirms that a number of anti racist organisations have major links to serious and organised criminals who provide drugs and illegal guns to other criminal groups.
                                            WEYMAN BENNETT SIGNS A CONTRACT WITH COLGATE

Last night anti fascists condemned an action by veteran anti fascist Weyman Bennett as being a sell out and a discredit to the anti fascist industry.  Bennett has now signed a contract with the tooth paste company Colgate for two years in which Bennett will appear on television adverts and bill boards throughout the country.  The company became interested in Bennett after viewing a video of Weyman on youtube, Bennett has agreed to market the product and state that he uses colgate on a regular basis.  We can now confirm that we have an exclusive photograph of Weyman`s advertising campaigning which can be seen at the top of the page.

Just when things appeared to be improving for Bennett`s career, a further blow was received at the Walthamstow meeting in which Bennett turned up at whilst high on strong cannabis.  Bennett made vulgar comments to female members of the audience and also pulled stupid faces at members of the national press.  One UAF supporter said that Bennett`s behaviour was like a vile sexist stand up comedian, he has jeopardised the entire counter protest against the EDL, the photos can be viewed below.

Above Weyman on cannabis, below Bennett makes a lewd comment to a female by inviting her back to his place after the meeting.

Below a somber looking Bennett after being informed that the EDL will be marching in Walthamstow

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Here at EDL news we can reveal that Jeff Marsh and the Casuals united group could have been involved in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981.  Rosie Geefe and Nick Lowles from hope not hate have made enquiries into the assassination and have concluded that it would be technically impossible for John Hinckley junior to have master minded the attack alone.  Lowles claims that British far right extremists and football thugs were involved in the attack and used Hinckley as a decoy, whilst four people shot at Reagan from a nearby hotel

EDL news claims that prosecutors in the court case did not hear the full facts and that the FBI covered up the far right British extremist link.  Vital forensic evidence disappeared.  It is believed that Marsh and others fired a rifle from a hotel window.  A hotel porter reported four men from Wales who were staying in the hotel and who fled without paying the bill,  cans of Stella Artois were found in the hotel room and were sent for forensic evidence but were later lost, also a Cardiff city scarf was found in the hotel, this could link the attack to Marsh and the Cardiff soul crew.

Lowles claims that Hinckley was set up by the FBI and wrongly convicted of a crime he had not committed, Lowles is now campaigning to have Hinckley released and to have Jeff Marsh extradited to America for trial, Lowles has submitted a report to president Obama, but the findings were rejected and dismissed as total nonsense.  EDL news claim that Reagan was targeted by the casuals group due to a personal disliking of his cowboy films.
                                                 GAY POLICE ASSOCIATION RAID A MANCHESTER BAR

Manchester`s gay police association carried out a raid on a bar at the week end.  Seven people were sat in a pub discussing the possibility of holding a "straight pride" demonstration in the city as an alternative to the city`s gay pride mardi gras. 

One member had even brought his child to the event, the straight pride supporters were chatting quietly when suddenly an army of police appeared and ordered the pub to stop serving drinks or the bar would have it`s licence removed.  It is believed that a member of Manchester`s gay community over heard the group talking and reported them immediately to the police under the hate and discrimination laws.

Members of gay police association and gay tactical aid unit were called out in a rapid response to the potential threat.  PC Slater entered the pub and told the group that they were here to commit violent disorder, even though he had no evidence.  The group were lined up outside where members of GPA molested them and also rummaged through their pockets.  The group were then issued with a dispersal order.  PC Slater who is a typical low intelligence officer who would probably put his head in the oven if ordered to, admitted that they had been ordered by their superiors to carry out the raid, and that it was nothing personal.  So congratulations to the Manchester police for busting a major crime network of seven people sat in a pub minding their own business, we are sure Manchester will be a safer place from now on.  The tactical aid unit have also confirmed that they will be attending Manchester`s gay pride event with G.P.D.A, gay police dog`s association.

Below the inspector in charge of the operation.


Monday, 6 August 2012

                                           WHITE MUSLIM CONVERTS RACIALLY ABUSED OTHER WHITES

Here`s a photo of the two Muslim converts who walked up to an EDL protest in Keighley and shouted MDL before running away, as they fled the scene they shouted "white bastards" at other White people. no doubt copying the language used by their Muslim partners.  This is the type of scenario that politicians like George Galloway promote, a situation where White people hate themselves so much that they convert to Islam.  Tylaa conley is the gobby one on the right, below is a picture of her on a night out.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

                                      MUSLIM CORPSES COULD BE POLLUTING THE WATER SYSTEM

Allegations are now being directed against Dewsbury`s Muslim community in regards to possible illegal burials.  Islamic law prohibits cremation so the corpses have to be buried as soon as possible, therefore the Islamic method of burial immediately puts pressure on funeral parlours and cemeteries especially if the deceased needs to be buried on a weekend.  The process is very basic and includes washing the body and covering the corpse with a white cloth and saying a prayer, but the problem is many funeral parlours are closed on weekends, and there are no Islamic funeral parlours available.

A report has emerged from Dewsbury that local Muslims are burying their dead illegally in order to carry out the exact Islamic method of burial, and also to save money.  One local resident claims that the Muslims have been doing this for many years and that the corpses would be decaying and entering the water system.  A group of local youths also spotted a group of people in baggy garments carrying out some type of ritual in the woods outside Dewsbury, the youths attempted to approach the group but were chased away.

This has now expressed concerns about public sanitation, some residents have also complained about losing teeth after drinking a cup of tap water, a Nationalist demonstration is now in the "pipeline" for Dewsbury and will be held outside the Yorkshire water head quarters, the placards will  have the slogan "deceased Muslim out of our tap water".  One resident also gave an interview to calendar from Yorkshire television, but the company have refused to air the interview after they were advised not to by the police.

Friday, 3 August 2012

                                           WORZEL GUMMIDGE CONFIRMS BRISTOL COUNTER PROTEST

Worzel Gummidge a television celebrity recently attended a Unite Against Fascism protest against the EDL, Worzel stated that he was happy that Bristol had rejected the EDL, Worzel stated that traditional West country people were Anti Fascist and were generally tolerant people.  The Anti Fascist protesters went around setting fire to rubbish bags and dust bins in order to combat the EDL, but Worzel stated that he was disappointed with Antifa who spent two weeks claiming they would find the EDL and chase them out of Bristol, when the moment arrived Antifa ran away from a small group of EDL.

Worzel is no stranger to prejudice, he has been arrested on numerous occasions for vagrancy and being possession of rats and cockroaches.  Worzel stated that he was a tolerant person despite being beaten up and robbed and then set alight by yardies in Bristol.  Martin Smith from Unite Against Fascism stated that Worzel was set to join Socialist Workers Party and enter the next elections and represent the group. 

Meanwhile the EDL has announced speakers for their next demonstration.  Herman Munster is set speak and highlight the dangers that radical Islam poses for people who dress up in Frankenstein costumes.  Richard Dawkins is set to lecture the dangers that Islam poses to intellects.