Thursday, 28 November 2013

Report On Wakefield U.A.F Demonstration

On Saturday around 200 English Defence League supporters assembled in Wakefield.  A counter protest was also arranged for the same date.  Large numbers of Muslims traveled into Wakefield town centre to defend their community armed with baseball bats.  A number of E.D.L supporters who were walking around Wakefield came face to face with the armed Muslim mob.  A serious battle was imminent when all of a sudden former E.D.L leader Tommy Robinson (see main photo) appeared dressed in a tracksuit with a ghetto blaster playing Bangra beat.  Tommy was dancing and impersonating Michael Jackson manoeuvres.  Soon the Muslims put down their weapons and joined in the dancing some chanted "peace" and "welcome".  Tommy managed to defuse a potentially serious confrontation.  Later on Tommy appeared in front of the television cameras with Two Muslims that he had draped in England flags for the occasion.  Tommy claimed that it was the far right that were disrupting communities and not Muslims.  Later on in the day an E.D.L supporter was traveling through Manningham lane in Bradford by foot.  As he walk past a filthy stinking dilapidated property with curry churning out of the windows, the owner appeared at the front door, it was Kevin Carroll and he was dressed in traditional Pakistani garments and he had grown a beard.  The E.D.L supporter questioned Carroll and asked him if he was still working for the Quilliam foundation, Carroll stated that he could not comment on that as it was top secret.

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Ocean Deity Neptune Was A Muslim

Muslim scholars are now claiming that the ocean deity Neptune was in fact a Muslim. Neptune the god of the ocean is now believed to have originated from Turkey.  It is recorded in Muslim scriptures that Neptune carried out numerous miracles similar to Jesus Christ.  One occasion Neptune fed a group of famished Muslims by providing hundreds of portions of kebab and chips for a village that was suffering a devastating famine, but the kebabs were not cooked properly which resulted in a mass outbreak of Diarrhea.  The fact that Neptune had a beard also confirms the fact that he was Muslim.  Local villagers would also offer Goats and other creatures as a sacrifice to Neptune in order to prevent hurricanes and earthquakes.

The original Turkish military garments made out of silk were also produced on orders of Neptune to provide safety in battle, but the garments caused disaster when numerous Turkish galleons were sunk and the Turks drowned as a result of wearing baggy silk pants that became weighed down with water.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Matthew Collins Hope Not Hate Partying In Thailand

Matthew Collins now advertising for McDonalds

Matthew Collins in Nick Lowles kitchen

Hardcore Communist Paul Sutcliffe missing in action

A notorious West Yorkshire Communist activist has been declared missing in action.  Paul Sutcliffe a former Anti Nazi League member has disappeared from the far left scene.  Paul was dedicated to the far left and used to disrupt council meetings where elected B.N.P councillors were present.  Sutcliffe was previously employed at Huddersfield university as a "studio technician".  Sutcliffe spent most of his time in his personal office smoking cigarettes and visiting far left websites.  Sutcliffe`s office walls were plastered with newspaper articles on the B.N.P.  Sutcliffe would also distribute leaflets about Fascism to students at the college.  Sutcliffe was well established in Halifax when a home made fire work exploded in his hand causing damage to his fingers, years later Sutcliffe claimed that he was the victim of a far right letter bomb.

Sutcliffe used to deliver anti B.N.P leaflets around Halifax with pictures of emaciated concentration camp victims with the heading "This Is What Happens If You Vote B.N.P".  A number of people who viewed the leaflet had to attend hospital suffering from shock and one resident vomited immediately after viewing the leaflet.  The local B.N.P branch viewed Sutcliffe as a local lunatic, but Sutcliffe viewed himself as being in serious danger and had CCTV installed around his property and had CCTV fitted inside a garden Gnome. Sutcliffe`s whereabouts remain a mystery and some people believe that he has been killed by the B.N.P and dumped in the canal. Others have stated that a person fitting Sutcliffe`s description has been seen working as a refuse collector where a number of people employed are Nazi and B.N.P sympathisers.  This could explain why Sutcliffe has been silent for so long.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Matthew Collins relaxing and spending a night in

Matthew Collins from Hope Not Hate launches a web cam service

Report on Shotton U.A.F Demonstration

A thousand people turned up to support the U.A.F in Shotton on Saturday 9th of November.  Dozens of miners from North East England arrived in traditional miner`s clothes and many were displaying placards saying "build more mosques" and "Islam is a religion of peace".  Weyman Bennett appeared dressed in miner`s clothes with coal dust rubbed on his face in order to show solidarity with the mining community.  One U.A.F supporter with dreadlocks stated that it was a disgrace that the E.D.L had assembled to oppose the mosque.  One local miner stated that he welcomed the new mosque and was looking forward to more Muslim immigrants moving into the area and seeing White people become a minority.

Weyman Bennett delivered a speech stating that former North East resident Brian Clough who supported the Anti Nazi League would be proud of everybody today.  Brian was a devout Socialist despite being on a massive salary of thousands of pounds when he was England coach.  Bennett apologised on behalf of Brian stating that he could not attend the demonstration as he was not fit to travel and was busy helping a compost heap grow fungi and other specimens.  Matthew Collins stated that the far right had no support in the area. Collins was previously sent on a job placement scheme to a colliery but was unable to fit in the mine shaft and that the job was too much hard work.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Casuals United Flee in Terror From Antifa And Escape Through A Pub Window.

E.D.L news has recently published a story about Casuals United running away from Antifa in Brighton, while this has been verified we feel it is necessary to add some additional facts.  Around Ten casuals had assembled in a pub in Brighton before a St George`s day parade that the U.A.F and Antifa had condemned as being Nazi and Fascist and in support of Hitler.  Ten Casuals were spotted by a massive mob of Antifa who then preceded to chase the group through the pub.  The Casuals scarpered to the pub toilets but were beaten back by a pungent stench from where Weyman Bennett had off loaded some faeces the previous night after a curry and a couple of bottles of wine.  Jeff Marsh the leader of Casuals United ran into the pub kitchen and punched the chef in the face and then confiscated a chef`s outfit, Marsh then ran to Brighton train station dressed as a chef and boarded an immediate train back to Cardiff.  By now the Casuals were seriously concerned for their safety as fleas and other parasitic vermin were jumping onto other people in the pub.  People were screaming in terror about the amount of blue bottle flies that had accompanied Antifa into the pub.  The Casuals put their scarves over their mouths and ran through the pub and escaped through a small window (see photo).  Inside the toilets one Antifa supporter noticed what he thought was a venomous viper snake, so he alerted the authorities.  The pub was cordoned off until a local vet arrived.  It later turned out that the so called viper was a piece of dried banana skin that had coiled up.

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Civil Liberties under attack again by Britain`s P.C Brigade

A shopper at ASDA supermarket in Cambridge England has been barred from the store for wearing a Nazi uniform.  The shopper was conducting himself in a perfectly well behaved manner when a shopper of Jewish origin launched an unprovoked verbal assault on the man.  The staff at the store have now barred the man from the supermarket.  The police are also investigating the incident, even though no criminal offence has been committed.  This is an absolute disgrace that people can`t go shopping in ASDA`s dressed in Nazi uniforms without being harassed by the brain washed left wing P.C Brigade.