Monday, 28 January 2013

here`s the link Nilsen is mentioned in the Scottish Socialists
                                                MARTIN SMITH TO APPEAR IN NEW DOCTOR WHO SERIES

A new Doctor Who series is to be screened this year featuring Martin Smith from Unite Against Fascism. Martin stated that he had always been a fan of Doctor Who and used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks appeared on the television screen.  The BBC decided to recruit Smith in order to promote a political agenda in the episodes.  The Doctor will be a revolutionary fighting Fascist robots and monsters. The tardis will also be revamped and will display a Communist emblem, and the interior will be decorated red.

Smith is set to face the evil leader of the Daleks Davros, the plot involves the tardis making an emergency landing after Smith complains of stomach disturbances after consuming an out of date curry.  The tardis arrives on top of a block of flats in London, Smith is forced to defecate from the top of the building, but the contents hit Davros on the head, an army of Daleks are then deployed to capture Smith and bring him to face justice.  The first episode is due to be screened soon, and is a remake of the 1984 episode "The Caves Of Androzani" but it will be titled "The Caves Of Andronazi".

A 32 year old police sergeant has been charged with fracturing a suspect`s arm.  The incident occurred at Chadderton suite, when the sergeant dragged a suspect through the station, the suspect had "allegedly" assaulted an officer.  Sergeant Richard Miller has been charged with assault and is due to appear at Manchester magistrates court on February 8th.

Friday, 25 January 2013

                     Katie Porrelli so called anti fascist`s response to the murder of a white person

Peter Kalve claiming that people stood in front of a communist banner are nothing to do with communism !

Tuesday, 22 January 2013



The court has now granted the London Metropolitan Police Force the right to hold secret court hearings in regards to the Mark Kennedy case.  Kennedy was an undercover police officer who was planted into the environmentalist movement to spy on them, two other officers were involved in the operation.  A total of ten people have a joint law suit against the officers, in total nine police officers have been identified as spies.  Their duties included sleeping with activists and even having relationships with them, and also travelling abroad with them.  The total cost of planting these spies would run into absolute thousands of pounds.

In one case an activist had a baby by an undercover police officer who slept with her, this raises the question as to what the real purpose of the police actually is.  It appears that the police are being used as a mass surveillance unit to collect information on political movements and to cause sabotage inside these movements by recruiting people to infiltrate these movements, both left wing and right wing movements are being subjected to this treatment.  Crime is now a secondary issue to the police, in fact frequently crimes of violence and burglaries are not even being investigated by the police.  It is extremely rare for a police patrol to be spotted, this means that the police are spending ninety percent of their time inside the police station.  This means that the police have become isolated from the general public and are unable to deal with call outs in a correct manner, and frequently resort to using extreme violence and tasers on people, in one incident the police tasered a blind person carrying a walking stick, the officer who carried out the attack claimed that the walking stick was an offence weapon.  It has now emerged that dozens of people taking pictures in London are stopped by police officers and are detained under the anti terrorism act, this has included tourists.  The police are now a political force, that are using stalinist type techniques to collect personal data on people, it is ironic how long term criminals are rarely stopped on searched but yet political activists are.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

                                                                          CAREER OPPORTUNITY


Weyman threw himself in the mince meat grinding machine, so now Tesco`s can present "Bennett`s Balls" with a new improved recipe containing spices.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

                                            ANTI FASCISM NOW BEING SOLD TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC

                                                                         Photograph of Nick Lowles

Monday, 14 January 2013

                                                                MARTIN SMITH ACCUSED OF RAPE

A leading member of Socialist Workers party has quit after an argument over a rape allegation involving UAF leader Martin Smith, who is also a member of the SWP, the group formed it`s own court in which they decided not to contact the police in regards to the allegation.  The Daily Mail newspaper covered the story.  The allegation was made by a fellow member of the SWP against Smith, this is expected to cause further disruption among the ultra left, and could also explain why Smith was part of a group who were supporting paedophiles in Blackpool in 2011.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Oldham police and it`s police run magistrate court have managed to fit up two EDL supporters on a threatening behaviour charge in order to save themselves from legal action from the victims.  On September the 11th, 2010, the English Defence League had arranged a memorial for the 9-11 victims by laying a wreath in Oldham.  On this occasion because the activity was local, the organiser of the event did not liaise with the police, it was basically a memorial, and previous EDL events had descended into chaos with the police using illegal tactics against EDL supporters, including sending small groups of EDL supporters into the wrong direction where the police knew mobs of violent Muslims were waiting. The organisers of the Oldham event decided not to contact the police, as it was not a march.

Local activists were instructed to travel to a train station called "Mills Hill" in Greater Manchester and wait for further instructions, the time was around eleven o clock in the morning.  Some of the EDL supporters moved on from the train station and started walking away from the area, one of the organisers of the event, received a phone call requesting the activists to remain in the general vicinity for the next hour and then move onto a pub in the area, many of the EDL supporters by now did not know where they were, but only in the Manchester region.  What the EDL supporters did not realise was that the Oldham police and the Greater Manchester Police were launching a massive operation against the EDL, the police later refused to submit figures of the amount of officers involved in the operation.  The supporters that had assembled had been told to walk down the main road towards where the wreath laying was due to take place, unfortunately on the way, one supporter threw a beer glass at a police patrol car that had started to follow some of the group, the identity of the person who threw the glass to this day is a mystery, none of the local divisions have been able to identify the culprit.  A short while later the main group of EDL supporters were walking down the street when a White van pulled up next to them.  A group of White males then attacked EDL members indiscriminately, the attackers were dressed in dark blue sweaters and dark coloured trousers, they were not wearing any items that identified them as police officers, they were not wearing any police helmets or caps, and no vests with "police" written on them.  The EDL supporters were then violently attacked by the group of males, the victim in the photo was struck repeatedly by a six foot three male wielding a stick baton, five times, the victim retaliated and threw a missile (Westons 8.2 percent cider bottle) at the attacker, which did not strike.  The EDL supporter then attempted to move away from the aggressors but fell during the process,  Five of the attackers then charged onto the EDL supporter and beat him with weapons repeatedly, the victim suffered internal bleeding inside his stomach and leg, one of the attackers punched him repeatedly, whilst another attacker put a baton around the victim`s neck, the victim was struck over twenty times, by now members of GMP Tactical Aid Unit had arrived, they then joined in the attack and one small EDL teenager was grabbed and pulled over sharp pointed railings and had his head split open, The TAU officers were in uniform.

At the same time another EDL supporter witnessed the attack and shouted at the aggressors "fucking get off him" he was also attacked and was left with a severely deformed wrist, which was smashed internally.  EDL supporters were attacked at random, one supporter who was only 21, and very small physically, was hit with batons and then restrained by two police officers, whilst a member of the Greater Manchester Tactical Aid Unit approached the detained male and struck him with a weapon and split his head open, there was an independent witness to this incident who made a statement against the police.  The initial EDL supporter who was attacked had the police cuffs put on so tightly that he suffered nerve damage to his wrist, the officer responsible for this is PC Bolton of Oldham police station, Bolton with the assistance of his "colleagues" threw the victim and the other EDL supporters on the pavement, including the male who`s head was pouring with his own blood, by now local uniformed officers had arrived and one optical evidence collector appeared and filmed the arrested males, this footage disappeared and was never submitted to the crown prosecution service.  The entire incident had been captured on CCTV from a pub next to where the incident had occurred, the bad news was, that the footage would also disappear. The police arrested in total eight people, one of the arrested males stated how a police officer had launched an unprovoked attack on him, and then stamped on his mobile phone, and then told him not to say anything or he would be dead.  The initial EDL supporter was put in the back of the police van by PC Bolton who had cut off the ventilation to the back of the police van, the victim nearly asphyxiated, until another officer arrived and switched the air ventilation on.  Two of the arrested had to attend hospital, whilst the other two were put in police vans.  PC Bolton was in the front of one of the vans where he told the person who he had initially attacked that he would be put in "fucking strangeways prison" Bolton complained about having a bottle thrown at him, but admitted launching a violent unprovoked attack on the arrested person, who repeatedly called PC Bolton " a commie state bastard" this was not recorded in Bolton`s statement.  Bolton screamed at the arrested EDL supporter at the police station desk, who along with three others was charged with violent disorder.  One of the victims received six stitches in his head.  All four were charged with violent disorder and bailed.  During the interview in the police station a female detective stated to one of the EDL supporters that the local Muslim area is very dangerous and that a lot of the Muslims had guns and weapons, and that Oldham is a very dangerous place.  Eventually only two were taken to court on a reduced charge of threatening behaviour. One of the defendants stated to his solicitor that magistrates courts are known as "police courts", which the solicitor replied"unfortunately that`s true"

The case against the two accused continued for two and a half years in which the defendants solicitors repeatedly wrote to the crown prosecution service for documents and CCTV involving their clients, for one year nothing happened, the trial had to be abandoned four times due to the police and the C.P.S not submitting documents and CCTV footage, it took the solicitors one year to obtain independent witness statements.  One of the witness statements involved an old aged pensioner who witnessed the G.M.P T.A.U baton somebody over the head in an unprovoked attack, this involved one of the arrested EDL supporters but not the accused, but this statement was submitted to the district judge Prowse of Oldham magistrates, Prowse accepted the statement as evidence.  The case continued for another year.  The solicitors attempted to have the case dismissed on the basis that the police had tampered and sabotaged the case so badly that the defendants could not receive a proper trial.  The police optical evidence collector PC Haworth was called to the court to testify.  Haworth declared during the testimony that he had over two decades of experience as an optical evidence collector and was a "undercover" football intelligence collector. Haworth stated that there were two police cameramen on the day in question, but for reasons beyond his control he failed to obtain any footage.  Haworth claimed that the pub where the incident occurred was not covered by CCTV on the entrance, but yet the pub manager testified that it was.  Haworth produced a statement in which he declared that he attended the pub on the Sunday and removed all CCTV footage from the pub, but yet the pub manager testified that an unidentified officer removed the footage on the Saturday afternoon.  Haworth also testified that he was downloading the pub footage on his personal computer, which is against police policy, when the pen drive suffered a break down and was discarded in a rubbish bin, but when Haworth testified in court he stated that the pen drive snapped under a chair and he lost all the photos including photos of his children, despite this, and all the officers statements contradicted each other, judge prowse dismissed the abusive process argument and declared that "there was no police wrong doing" in regards to collecting the post incident material, this was a devastating blow to the solicitor who had spent vast periods of time searching through the police statements and building a case against the police.

The police were still maintaining that the defendants were part of a mass mob of sixty EDL supporters who had attacked them, but yet none of the officers sustained any injuries, and the footage had "disappeared" of the incident.  PC Bolton who is six foot three along with three other officers stated that they could not restrain one person, and had to resort to striking the defendant repeatedly, which included inflicting injuries that could have been life threatening.


In December the trial of the two EDL supporters commenced, the solicitors had prepared questions in which the police officers would be put on the spot about contradictions in their statements, but at the final moment the solicitors urged their clients to put in a limited basis plea to the district judge, that they did commit an offence but it was due to a violent situation, this was supposedly to keep the defendants from receiving a prison sentence and being put in Manchester prison, which has many dangerous criminals.  The defendants initially said no, and stated that they were the victims and that the police attacked them, one solicitor pleaded for half an hour with one of the defendant`s to plead guilty on a terms and conditions plea, which magistrates do not normally do.  One defendant who was accused of throwing the bottle put in a plea that he threw the bottle a metre to the side of the officer, the defendant`s solicitor stated that no way would that be accepted, but it was accepted and the judge agreed that the sentence would be non custodial.
The EDL  supporter who shouted "fucking get off him" was fined by judge Prowse two hundred pounds and was put on a conditional discharge for two years.  That`s amazing since the accused was the victim of a violent attack by the police.  The defendant who threw the bottle at PC Bolton, was told to attend Oldham probation offices, where the court assigned two Pakistani probation officers who refused to write a report for the defendant because they were Asian, This delayed the case by another four weeks.  The judge eventually sentenced the remaining defendant to a two hundred pound fine and a one month curfew tag between ten at night and six in the morning.  The two defendants have approached injury claim solicitors about the police attacking them, but because they were convicted of a minor public order offence, any action against the police would be difficult, this is why the Oldham police fitted the two victims up, so they could not sue them.  Oldham police and Oldham magistrate court is a rotten corrupt part of the establishment, as is Oldham crown prosecution service.  At the same time Oldham is a crime ridden mess, in which the police do not patrol the streets and have allowed parts of the town to deteriorate into no go areas.  One of the defendants was advised by his solicitor about publishing the details of this case, as he could face further problems with the police.  The officers involved in this incident are PC Bolton, PC Bertanshaw, PC Christain Julien, PC Gadman PC Brown, of Oldham and PC Carmody of the GMP TAU who split the defenceless EDL  supporter`s head open in two places, Carmody declared in his statement that his "baton slipped accidentally" all the police officers involved in this incident are still employed by the police force and will continue to behave in such a disgraceful manner.  PC Bolton has previously had allegations of using extreme force made against him.
The oldham magistrate court is joined onto the police station, it`s basically the same building, the court has strange carvings of owls on the facades, ( the town logo) this suggests that the court is basically a police run court.  The British police can basically do what they want, they can fit innocent people up for crimes that they have not committed and have people incarcerated in prison.  The police can even kill people and get away with it.  The police force is a state run mafia.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

                                                              TOMMY ROBINSON OUT IN TEL AVIV

Today we have received a report of a sighting of  Tommy Robinson the leader of The English Defence League in Tel Aviv Israel.  It is now believed that Tommy`s multi millionaire Zionist sponsors used their influence in the British Government to drop the charges against Robinson and put out a fake report that Robinson had received a prison sentence, when in fact he was in a safe house in Tel Aviv.
There has been no sightings of Tommy in prison, and when people attempted to visit him, the prison officers stated that he had been relocated to another prison.  Journalists were also prohibited entrance to the court room where Tommy`s trial was supposed to be taking place, but one person did manage to gain access to the room court room, but said the court was empty.  Numerous journalists waited near the rear entrance of the court, hoping to obtain a photograph of Robinson, but Tommy could not be seen, and there was no security van present.

It is now believed that Robinson was not originally remanded in custody, but was sent out to Tel Aviv in Israel for a five month vacation.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


West Yorkshire police received an emergency call out from a man who`s parent`s property had just been attacked, the incident involved an attempted burglary, criminal damage and assault.  At around 9 p.m, an intruder climbed into the premise of an elderly couple in order to gain access to a joining property, the intruder then attempted to smash the front entrance door and gain access to the property, the door was damaged and after a short period, the intruder climbed into the elderly couple`s property and deliberately smashed the couple`s fence in, the couple`s middle aged son who was visiting his parent`s house heard the noise and went out to confront the intruder who was now on the street behind the property.  The intruder picked up a brick and ran at the couple`s son and tried to hit him with it, the son then disarmed the attacker, but was bitten in the process, the son then punched the attacker several times and managed to restrain him, the attacker threatened to return with associates and kill the man, so the son punched him several times more until the attacker apologised and agreed to walk off.  When the son returned to his parent`s property he contacted the local police.  When the Halifax police arrived the officers said that there was nothing they could do and that the son should have walked away when the intruder attempted to attack him with a brick!! the officer then stated that "well you went out to him" and that it would not stand up in a court of law.  The police then left and drove away, and made no attempt to search for the intruder.

So now criminals can commit assault, criminal damage, attempted burglary, and threats to kill and get away with it.  The elderly couple are now considering putting barbed wire around their property, as this is not the first time they have had intruders on their premise, but the police have warned them that they could face legal action if an intruder injures them self on the wire.

Gareth Roscoe aged 26 was charged with possession of extreme pornographic images on his phone, but a jury unanimously acquitted MR Roscoe.  The GMP police officer stated that he was doing temporary work in 2006 and a colleague sent the images to him, MR Roscoe claimed that the images were disgusting, but strangely decided to save images!! The obscene pornography was discovered when police officers raided his home on unrelated charges.  MR Roscoe stated that he transferred the images from his previous phone to a new phone using his computer.  Roscoe`s dad is a former police officer and his sister is also a police officer.

In October 2011 Roscoe was acquitted of sexual assault on a female, the attack occurred in Bolton police station in an interview room.  The police "standards" branch are now investigating MR Roscoe.
This is another clear example of how the police can do what they want and get away with it, if the accused had not been a police officer then a guilty verdict would have been delivered immediately, it is obvious that MR Roscoe and his family have contacts high up. And why wasn`t the person who sent the images prosecuted or arrested?  You can view the original article by typing out this link out.

Friday, 4 January 2013

                                         THE BRITISH POLICE A FORCE OF SADISTS AND CRIMINALS

A disturbing trend is occurring at public demonstrations, in which the police are assaulting people so that they retaliate, so then the police can use extreme violence such as splitting people`s heads open with batons and smashing the sharp edges of riots shields into people`s heads, this method is only for white people and the police do not apply these methods on ethnic minorities, some people claim that the police are an anti British movement who want to destroy Britain by political policing that favours ethnic minorities.  Many members of the police force are involved in freemasonry and secret groups which are also involved in corruption such as protecting paedophiles in Government from prosecution.  Numerous police officers have faced accusations of serious criminality, including drug dealing, GBH, paedophilia, and possession of animal pornography, but any legal action against the police is extremely difficult in a court of law, due to police sabotage and intimidation.

Also many police officers are involved with mafia type criminals, this is an easy process by simply bribing police officers so that they won`t prosecute you.  A protected drug dealer usually receives a phone call one hour before a police raid so he can remove his drugs from his/her property and move them to a safe location.  Drug dealers who are not in league with the police are raided and have massive amounts of money and drugs removed, the police would for example confiscate ten thousand pound from a drugs raid and then book one hundred pound in at the police station, and keep the remainder for themselves.

White working class people appear to be the main target of the police, as the ruling elite control the police, this is why the Government intentionally employs people of limited intelligence into the police force, so they obey orders without questioning them, also sadists and thugs are usually promoted in the police force and into the public order department.
The realms of homosexuality are also rife in the police force, and the police are recruiting more and more homosexuals into the police force, numerous local police stations have a gay police association, and many take part in gay pride events.  The police also have a political agenda that is ordered by their pay masters, the Government, anyone who opposes immigration or Islam is dealt with severely including beatings and police fit ups.

Thursday, 3 January 2013



Greater Manchester police have ordered thousands of home owners in the Lancashire region to remove front and rear exit gates on their property or face arrest.  The police have declared that it is now illegal to have a gate on your property in case it injures a burglar who is either attempting to enter your property or is escaping after a burglary.  A spokesperson for the GMP stated that the force had received numerous complaints from burglars about injuries they had sustained whilst carrying out burglaries.  Some burglars had ripped their pants on the gates and some had fell and injured themselves.  A police spokesperson stated that this was unacceptable.

In a recent incident a burglar was spotted by a police patrol car lying on the pavement injured after falling over a gate, the police assisted the man and drove him to hospital so he could receive medical attention, the police then suggested to the burglar that he should take the property owners to court and sue them for damages.  The GMP have stated that the new law must be obeyed or people could be put in prison if they did not comply, but the GMP stated that the new law would not affect members of the Muslim community and they would be made exempt from the order, this was because the police do not want to be viewed as racist.