Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hope Not Hate In Communication With Gay Extremist Organisation "Fagburn" Who Support Child Murder

The so called "respectable" Anti-Racist organisation Hope Not Hate have been associating with a pro zionist pervert group called "fagburn" who support and celebrate the murder of Palestinian`children in order to build gay holiday resorts, it appears that Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles communicate with the fellow extremist organisation on a regular basis.  Hope Not Hate always claim that "far right nationalists" demonize people on the basis of their ethnicity, and yet Lowles and Collins are supporting a group who support child murder.  Hope Not Hate are clearly using "Anti-Racism" as a cover for their deviant and warped activities and at the same time by smearing patriotic organisations who oppose perverted organisations like "fagburn.

Nick Lowles frequently uses scare tactics in his articles in order to convince people that the "far right" are a danger who would set up concentration camps at the first chance and perform hideous experiments on Communists such as swapping body parts and mutating them, and yet Hope Not Hate are associating with extremist groups who support child murder.