Thursday, 28 June 2012


London metropolitan police are today carrying out a massive  search for a Nazi cult that is being led by  former childrens television host Roland Rat.  The police stated that Roland was being investigated by the Anti terror police after information emerged that Roland had formed a Nazi cult that is preparing to carry out a gas attack on London`s underground.

After leaving the entertainment industry Roland joined the British National Socialist Movement where he engaged in military type training in the welsh countryside, Roland stated that London was unrecognisible due to immigration.  Roland also has sent a letter to the prime minister and the chief of London police stating that if immigration was not immediately halted then a gas attack on London would commence.  It is believed that the gas attack  could possibly be carried out in Brixton or London`s East end.

Roland also stated that any take aways that were serving rat meat to the general public disguised in fast food would be targeted by vigilantes.  Gerry Gable of searchlight said that Roland had been living in a cabin deep inside a welsh forest and had been living off barbecued squirrels and insects and water from a local river.  A Pakistani take away owner had confirmed that the former  childrens television presenter had threatened to carry out an arson attack on his take away.

During his career Roland was known for his extreme political views and was even prohibited entrance to Israel.  A former collegue of Roland`s stated that one day in North London Roland was out with Rod Hull and Emu when Roland spotted a Rabbi, Roland then persuaded Emu to attack the Rabbi. Also a Jewish electrician was fixing some wires at Thames television studio when Roland deliberately pulled the ladders from under the electrician, causing the electrician to injure himself.

The London Anti Terror squad believe that Roland has been recruiting for a number of years, other television personalities had received death threats from Roland, Basil Brush had also been threatened by Roland  after it was revealed that Basil Brush was gay, Michael Barrymore had also received death threats.  The police had also been searching London`s sewers in order to confront the former entertainer.

Sunday, 17 June 2012


A new discovery has emerged that could change the course of European history completely.  A team of researchers discovered a circle of stones at the bottom of the Baltic sea 285 feet down, initially there were theories that it could be a landing pad for UFO`s from outer space, but that theory was dismissed when the Rabbi Schiller stated that ancient Hebrews emigrated to Europe around 1 B.C and set up scuba diving businesses and kosher restaurants in Northern Europe.  It believed that ancient Hebrews would frequently dive to the bottom of the ocean to carry out initiation rituals and burials and to carry out Kosher food rituals on fish and other aquatic animals such as crabs and lobsters that would be sold on to Kosher food markets in Europe and the middle East.  This could also explain the discovery of a large circle of stones at the bottom of the Baltic sea.  It is now believed that darker haired Europeans descended from Semitic immigrants that settled in the region and introduced names such as David and Simon into Europeans.

The claim has however been met with opposition from the far right in particular who condemned the find as a money making scam and insult to European culture.  A group of neo Nazis were arrested recently trying to enter the area with diving equipment and explosives and machine guns in an attempt to destroy the rock formation at the bottom of the Baltic sea, the Nazis were released with a caution.  Rabbi Sachs Goldberg stated that the area needs 24 hour police protection and should be put on the UNESCO world heritage site.  Alan Greenspan also stated that he has plans to build hotels and a massive shopping plaza near the coast of Sweden in order to "boost" the regional economy.  Greenspan stated that after several years the shopping plaza would be completely destroyed by a group of Muslim terrorists flying a hand glider into the plaza, Greenspan would then receive millions of pounds in insurance that he had taken out on the plaza.

Peter Linberg has also set up a submarine business with the aim of taking wealthy tourists to view the site.  Peter said that he would be charging a thousand pound per trip which included a kosher meal with kosher ice cream imported from Israel as well as kosher wines and spirits that would be served on board.

David Cameron the "British" prime minister stated that he fully backed the project one hundred percent and would be interested in visiting the site as both Cameron`s parents were of Hebrew origin.
                                                   WIND IN THE WILLOWS CARTOON TO BE BANNED

The 1980`s television cartoon The Wind in the Willows is to be banned from next month due to complaints from Anti Racist campaigners.   The Wind in the Willows was originally written by Kenneth  Grahame and was first published in 1908, it was turned into a television series in 1984 and featured David Jason and Michael Horden, but Anti Fascist campaigners have condemned the series as racist.

The series featured a group of weasels who were dressed up as Gypsies in bandannas and ear rings.  The weasels would frequently rob and steal from people and engage in acts of criminality.  Anti Fascist campaigners and members of the Gypsy community claimed that the television series went too far when the weasels turned up at a pensioners house and carried out a tarmac job and then charged ten thousand pounds for a thin layering of tarmac.

Paddy Doherty from Salford`s "travelling" community stated that the ban was good news as the television programme was portraying Gypsies and travellers in a negative manner as being thieves and robbers.  Paddy also stated that the programme was poisoning the minds of children.  One occupy protester stated that there was a scene where the weasels claimed squatters rights over a Badger burrow, this was an indirect insult at the occupy and squatters movement.  The programme is due to banned starting from next month.

Above Paddy Doherty.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

                                              HALIFAX COURIER REPORT ON THE EDL IN CALDERDALE

Around 150 supporters of the far right EDL visited Sowerby Bridge on Saturday morning.  The group walked into a local bar and threatened to burn the place down, some of the group were wearing jack boots and Nazi costumes, the group became abusive and threw severed pigs heads and buckets of blood around the bar.  The group then walked around to where the drinks are served and began helping themselves to the alcohol.  The police were outside but decided on the interests of community relations not to intervene.  No arrests were made.

Later on the group returned to Halifax, where several hours later a massive England emblem was painted on the hill that over looks Halifax.

Monday, 11 June 2012


Despite numerous threats by the UAF and Hope Not Hate to mobile masses of people to counter the EDL on Saturday only 95 counter protesters turned up, and a majority of these were local Muslims.  Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles were full of Internet bravado as usual but failed to a confirm a street presence.  Around 450 EDL supporters attended the Rochdale demonstration, which is nearly 5 times as much as the counter protest.  It appears that the political left is now simply an Internet group rather than an actual street protest movement.  In the case of Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins it is a means in which to earn money and travel to other countries in all expenses paid trips in five star hotels and then write bizarre and deluded reports on racism for national newspapers, which sound about as believable as Grim`s fairy tales.

In the meantime EDL supporters continue to mobilise without any actual credible opposition, it appears now that Anti fascism is now simply made up of Muslims and a couple of white commies.
                                                         COMMIES OUT AND ABOUT ON SATURDAY.

Marxist dinosaur Kevin Mottram was out in Sowerby Bridge on Saturday taking photographs of EDL supporters, before taking the photos Mottram paid out £200 to a mystic to grant Mottram invisibility for the next 24 hours, unfortunately the spell did not work and Mottram was identified by supporters of this blog page.  Mottram was soon surrounded by a group and ordered to leave the area.  Supporters of this blog are now discussing a " kick commie school teachers out of the education system" campaign, and Mottram will be the main target at Sowerby Bridge high school where he works.

Later on in the day 30 EDL supporters appeared in Hebden Bridge simply minding their own business outside the shoulder of mutton pub when two heavily intoxicated pro Palestine supporters appeared and started being abusive and then called one mixed race EDL member a "fascist" before being escorted out of the area.  Another Commie appeared and began to be abusive, but on this occasion he was greeted by full on retaliation and had to run off.

Friday, 8 June 2012

                                                     THE LAST TIME THE EDL VISITED ROCHDALE

The English Defence League are set to demonstrate in Rochdale on Saturday in recent highlight of a mass Muslim gang that have been sexually abusing White girls, many Anti fascists claim that Muslim paedophile epidemic is actually a racist myth.  One EDL supporter has submitted a report about the last time they visited Rochdale.

We arrived at Rochdale train station to be greeted by the Greater Manchester Police, who had put on sandwiches and tea and biscuits for us, which was very nice of them.  We then got into stretch limousines (which the GMP had paid for ) and travelled to the demonstration.

When we arrived at the demonstration we were greeted by local Muslims who shouted out "peace brothers" and "salaam".  A couple of EDL supporters were injured early on in the demonstration by foolishly removing a police officer`s baton and hitting themselves over the head with it.  Then things took a turn for the worse, one EDL supporter had only gone and brought his pet Black panther into the demonstration, after a short period of time the panther became aggressive and attacked EDL supporters.  Numerous people received slash marks and ripped clothing as the panther lashed out.  Fortunately a group of brave police officers rugby tackled the panther and restrained it by using c.s spray on the animal.  The injured people were then taken to hospital in luxury ambulances.  Some of the victims were paid massive amounts of compensation by the Police for their injuries, which proves that the Police do "care" about people.

The EDL are due to demonstrate tomorrow in Rochdale and they are expecting the same hospitable treatment as the previous demonstration in Rochdale.
                                              MATTHEW COLLINS WITH THE HOPE NOT HATE TEAM

 Nick Lowles in the 1990`s

Former right wing activist Nick Lowles seig heils on a football terrace, Lowles has since had his tattoos lasered off.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

                                                                   WEYMAN BENNETT IN HOLLYWOOD

Weyman Bennett in Hollywood enjoying the benefits of socialism on a vacation to America, paid for out of UAF funds.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

                                                                 COMMIES ATTACK A LOCAL PUB

Communists and Anarchists launched an attack where there was a BNP meeting due to be held, fortunately the meeting was cancelled but numerous left wing protesters attacked the pub where locals were drinking.  An axe was thrown through the window and pub customers cars were smashed.

Also another BNP meeting was targeted by left wing school teachers.  In an upstairs function room there was due to be a BNP meeting.  A group of left wing school teachers were drinking in the bar when they spotted BNP supporters in the pub.  One school teacher who is known as "pongo snodgrass" due to his dirty and repulsive appearance approached a local youth whom he recognised and said "I am going to tell your parents about this".

The teachers then charged at the BNP supporters, but it did not go to plan, the left wing teachers had taken on hardcore combat 18 members on, Pongo snodgrass was booted down the stairs and trampled on by his left wing comrades who were trying to escape.

The same school teacher who is now retired and is an alcoholic was recently seen in his garden buying drugs from local Pakistanis, the drug dealers had a white girl aged around fourteen with them, no doubt the Pakistani rape gang epidemic is the type of cultural diversity that left wing school teachers like Snodgrass promote.





Can anyone explain what the Basque flag has to do with an Anti monarchy protest.

Yes we would agree with that statement. but what has German National Socialism got to do with the casuals united group in Brighton.

These hypocrites actually live in the all white area of Brighton.

These people are clearly equipped for public disorder, why were they not handed dispersal orders by the police?

                                                                           PURE EVIL IN ACTION

Exclusive photographs of Weyman Bennett talking about the final solution for Fascists.


                                                          EDL FACE SERIOUS DANGER IN ROCHDALE

A photograph of one of the left wing activists due to confront the EDL on Saturday in Rochdale, this could possibly deter EDL members from attending the demonstration due to concerns that they could be beaten up by left wing activists.  We advise all EDL supporters to be extra cautious on Saturday.  Tommy Robinson has now contacted Jeff Marsh from the Casuals united group about the possibility of bringing soccer casuals to the Rochdale demonstration.  Marsh has now called an emergency meeting with other Casuals to discuss the possibility of cancelling the Rochdale demonstration due to fears for the group`s personal safety.

Monday, 4 June 2012

                                            THE CELTIC CROSS IS A NEO NAZI WHITE POWER SYMBOL

                                                                  IDENTIFY NAZI PHOTOGRAPHER

We need your assistance in identifying this person who was seen taking photographs of Anti Fascist activists on Saturday in Brighton.  It is believed that the thugs of casuals united had exhumed a Nazi war criminal for political purposes and used the corpse to blend in with Anti Fascist activists in order to take photographs of them. If you have any information then contact Brighton Anti Fascists.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

                                                   IMMIGRATION IS ENRICHING EUROPEAN CULTURE



Anti Fascists scored a major victory in Brighton against the thugs of casuals united ran by Jeff Marsh on Saturday.  The thugs had threatened to Travel to Brighton to celebrate the Queens jubilee, but our comrades on Hope Not Hate decided to put out some propaganda stating that the casuals were there to attack a left wing protest (which is on Monday).  Around a hundred thugs travelled to Brighton but were met by a strong Anti Fascist contingent.

A group of courageous Anti Fascists slept out rough on the beach, which is made up of rocks and pebbles, because thy could not afford any accommodation, but this is in improvement compared to a squat  full of heroin addicts. 

We woke up early on Saturday withdrawing from heroin, so the first activity was to buy drugs from a local heroin dealer, we then made our way to Brighton to confront the racists.  We decided to spray paint a few Anarchy symbols on local walls, we also vandalised a local church.  On the promenade we noticed a small group of white males, so we immediately attacked them calling them Nazis and Fascists, they then started talking to us in French, we realised that we had actually attacked a group of French tourists.

Eventually we ran into the thugs of casuals united who were being protected by the police.  Some of the officers were mounted police on horses, so we stubbed cigarettes out on the horses so that they would bolt into the casuals group, we then pelted the police with bottles.  In all we had a decent turn out today and this is a direct warning that Fascists will not be tolerated in Brighton, unfortunately numerous arrests were made on Saturday and one Anti Fascist was arrested for possesion of heroin.

                                Above a photo of Jeff Marsh the leader of the sinister casuals united group.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

                                                                   KICK RACISM OUT OF SNOOKER

Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate have launched a campaign against racism and fascism in snooker.  It is believed that the game of snooker has been a breeding ground for racist and fascist ideology for years.  Nick Lowles is no stranger to racism, Lowles was stripped naked by combat 18 members to check if he had been circumcised, Nick stated that a number of racists had received football banning orders so they are unable to spread their racist propaganda on the football terraces, many have now moved onto snooker games.

Recently snooker legend Jimmy White was playing at a tournament when supporters of White turned up parading "white power" banners and placards in support of Jimmy, the atmosphere was very intimidating and one Chinese player ran out of the building terrified.  Dicky Davies a sports commentator stated Jimmy had been advised to disassociate himself from negative elements that support him.  Numerous supporters of Jimmy have also had "white power" tattooed on their arms in honour of the snooker legend, some also displayed swastikas which is an ancient Hindu symbol against malevolent spirits, this is to provide Jimmy with extra safety when playing snooker.

Weyman Bennett stated that he was not convinced that the White Power slogan was in support of Jimmy White, and Bennett accused White of being a closet Nazi that denies the holocaust and blames unemployment on immigrants.  Bennett also stated that there was no excuse for displaying swastika flags at a snooker match.
                                                            APPALLING ARREST AT BRIGHTON TODAY

A man was arrested today in Brighton for complaining about pro Islamic graffiti that had been scribbled on the side of a building, numerous police officers appeared and arrested the man for religious hatred and conspiracy to commit criminal damage.  The graffiti was possibly written by Anarchists and Communists to provoke Nationalist protesters.  The man said that he was going to buy a tin of white paint and cover up the graffiti but the police then arrested the man for conspiracy to commit criminal damage.  The police officer in charge of the operation was coincidentally a Muslim.