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                                                  THE POLICE FACILITATE AN ILLEGAL MARCH BY UAF/SWP

Saturday witnessed a new low point in policing in Britain, the home secretary had ordered a 30 day ban on all protests in parts of London including Walthamstow, this would mean that anybody who violates this law would be arrested, the police warned the EDL if they attempted protest in any of prohibited areas they would be arrested, the ban also applied to the UAF/SWP.  Unfortunately the police did not keep their promise and allowed and facilitated an illegal march by SWP/UAF.  The counter protesters should have been arrested, but were not, also some of the protesters barged out of the police cordon and travelled to parliament where they hurled abuse at the EDL demonstration, the abusive protestors were not arrested.  This clearly suggests that the Government prefers the extreme left to that of patriotic Britons.  Some EDL supporters were followed by the police and ordered to move on or face arrest.

Friday, 26 October 2012

                                                                              FAR LEFT ROUND UP


On Saturday 53 supporters of the English Defence League were arrested in a police operation on the motorway, the 53 were in the rear of a removal van, they were arrested and held in custody in police stations around London, then they were released at 1 in the morning in paper suits with their personal items confiscated by the police, many had to phone relatives and friends for transport.  Within a few hours of the arrest details emerged on a far left site called "EDL news", there was no public information available on the arrest till the next day, so where did EDL news obtain their information from? obviously there is only one source that could have informed them, and that`s the police.  The same site also advocates people to monitor facebook and report EDL supporters to the police at every opportunity.  A number of commies have set up false profiles in order to obtain information.


The home secretary has banned the EDL march that was due to commence on Saturday afternoon in Walthamstow, but this ban does not prohibit static protests, so the EDL will be in London Saturday.  Numerous commies are sending out spotters to obtain information about where exactly the EDL are, no doubt the spotters will look like typical commies and will stand out like a sore thumb.  Below a picture of a UAF spotter

                                                                          SOMETHING FOR DINNER ?

                                                      THE RADICAL LEFT IN BED WITH EXTREMISTS

                                                                    TRIBUTE TO BILLY BRAGG

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                                                                     ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE

                                               PHOTO OF WEYMAN BENNETT IN PURGATORY

                                                     MARTIN SMITH SAME FACES SAME HATRED

Sunday, 21 October 2012

                                                53 EDL ARRESTED ON DAY TRIP TO ALTON TOWERS

53 supporters of the English Defence League were arrested yesterday on the motorway including Kevin Carrol and Tommy Robinson.  The group had planned a day trip to the Alton Towers theme park one week before the Walthamstow demonstration, the idea was to have a social event and enjoy the rides, but the planned excursion turned into a disaster.  The 53 met up at a pub in the Bedfordshire countryside before setting off, The EDL leaders had borrowed a removal van to transport the group to Alton Towers, this was done in order to reduce costs as many EDL supporters were saving their money for Walthamstow.  Problems started when the removal van turned out to be a brightly coloured van that had been borrowed from a local graffiti artist, the van would no doubt attract attention.

The group set off up the M1 but after 30 minutes riot police vans stopped the removal van and ordered the driver surrender his drivers licence, the police then searched the removal van and discovered 50 EDL supporters shivering in the back van.  The police searched all the supporters and discovered balaclavas, the group had the balaclavas in order to prevent them from getting cold, but the police decided to arrest the group and charge them with conspiracy to commit a public nuisance.  This is a disgusting attack on democracy and people`s civil liberties.  It has reached a point in the UK where people can`t even enjoy a day out without being harassed by the police.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

                                                          "ANTI FASCIST DEMO A MAJOR SUCCESS"

Anti fascist "activists" assembled outside Liverpool court to demand the release of convicted murderer John Bowden who killed and dismembered his victim in 1980.  John is an anti fascist and numerous commies and anarchists are now demanding John`s release, his incarceration is now being viewed as politically motivated, of course John is no longer a danger to the general public and stated that he had no immediate plans to kill or dismember people in the near future.

Friday, 19 October 2012

                                    LIST OF RECENT UK POLICE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

Thursday, 18 October 2012

                                     WEYMAN BENNETT "FINGERS" A POLICE OFFICER AT BOLTON

Monday, 15 October 2012

                                                               WE ARE MOVING ONTO FACEBOOK.

Right then ladies and gents we are moving onto facebook where you can continue to follow us, thanks to all our viewers in the United States and Europe and the rest of the world, here`s the link

Sunday, 14 October 2012

                                                                 COMMUNISTS DESTROYING VENICE

Some photos of Communist graffiti in Venice, most of the graffiti is on private residences.

Above a church vandalised by Antifa


A tourist was was walking through Venice and noticed a massive amount of Communist graffiti on people`s houses and on churches, the tourist walked past a gondolier, the gondolier offered the tourist a ride for 90 euros, but the tourist declined the offer, then the gondolier shouted "bastardo fascisto" at the tourist, immediately the offended tourist photographed the gondolier who is pictured below, this man is also suspected of being responsible for the graffiti.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

                                                          HOPE NOT HATE PARTY IN MANCHESTER

Over a hundred people attended a Hope Not Hate party and fund raiser in Manchester at a tandoori restaurant.  The party was backed by the Daily Mirror and Trade Unions and Labour party members including Fred West and Dennis Nilsen.  Eddie Izzard attended the party and was on brilliant form as usual, Eddie stated the importance of Britain joining the Euro currency and having an open door policy on immigration.  The theme for the night was obviously curry, and after a few hours several people had food poisoning and had to be rushed to hospital.  Matthew Collins spent one hour on the toilet and nearby residents phoned the council to report a suspected sewage leak, that later turned out to be Matthew Collins who had blocked the toilet.  Nick Lowles appeared at the restaurant dressed up as Poirot in order raise funds for his personal bank account.  Lowles used a deceased slug with rigor mortis to impersonate poirot`s moustache, Lowles glued the slug to his lip but later had to attend the accident and emergency department and have the slug removed.

The event was a success and clearly shows that Hope Not Hate is the top anti fascist organisation in the British isles

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

                                                                          JIMMY SAVILLE ARRESTED

Jimmy Saville the former entertainer has been arrested by Leeds police over abuse allegations. the police have confirmed that saville was exhumed yesterday and taken into custody for questioning.  Saville is currently being questioned about alleged masonic connections in the BBC and the police force, which allowed saville to carry out sex crimes without facing the legal consequences.  Saville is suspected of being a freemason, along with Frank Bruno and the Yorkshire ripper, the trio were photographed at Broadmoor secure hospital during a meeting.  The boxer Frank Bruno had written to Jim`ll fix it and asked Saville if he could arrange a meeting with the Yorkshire ripper. Jimmy who was known as Mr fix it previously had his own television show that gave him access to abuse numerous young girls, Saville was blatant about his activities and other people who worked for the BBC were aware of Saville`s activities, this poses the question are the BBC criminals and paedophiles? or part of a masonic conspiracy to destroy Britain.  The police have only limited time to question Saville, if he is not charged then the police will have to release him.  Saville was also being questioned about a volunteer job he had working in a hospital mortuary, for which he received no salary.

Monday, 1 October 2012


A Unite Against Fascism supporter needed medical treatment after getting his head trapped in a rubbish bin, the incident occurred in Walsall on Saturday after the UAF counter protest in the town centre.  The UAF supporter was looking for a cigarette that somebody had just discarded in the bin, but the man`s head became trapped.  Fellow UAF supporters laughed at their comrade`s plight and started taking pictures of him, none of them attempted to assist the victim.  The emergency services were then contacted and the bin had to be cut up in order to release the man.  The victim had to put on an oxygen mask for 15 minutes after suffering respiratory problems due to inhaling lighter fuel and glue earlier on.

Weyman Bennett from the UAF stated that a person has the right to rummage through bins to search for discarded cigarettes.  The supporter has now been released from hospital and is making a full recovery.