Wednesday, 23 October 2013

London Metropolitan Police Officers Suffering From Exhaustion

A top police officer is warning of the dangers of over time and long hours that members of the police force are having to endure.  A number of officers have been taken ill suffering from exhaustion.  Members of the London Metropolitan police have been working extra hours on community policing in Brixton where they have been wearing dreadlock wigs and putting boot polish on their faces in order to work more closely with the Afro Caribbean community.  London chief of police stated that Brixton is actually a nice place with nice friendly people and that stabbings and robberies were only a small part of life in Brixton.  Police officers are now putting in for sick pay due to exhaustion from late night shifts in which they were allowed free entrance to West Indian gambling clubs where they would take amphetamine and cocaine to stay awake and have free sex with West Indian escorts in order to obtain crucial information about the criminal fraternity.  The covert operation included ignoring street stabbings and shootings and drug deals by Tommy Robinson`s cocaine dealer.

Meanwhile Tommy has been posting on twitter that he has been threatened by the neo Nazi National Front (see above photo) who had just shaved their heads on a blade number one attachment and had just polished their fourteen eyelet Dr Martens while listening to Skrewdriver and No Remorse.  Tommy stated that he and his family were in fear of their lives and were having to be relocated to a safe house in Australia for a short period of time to recover from the ordeal.  The London metropolitan police have stated that racist crimes committed by the far right were a top priority and that the police would do everything their power to apprehend the culprits and take them to court and sentence them for indefinite periods of time in Wormwood scrubs where they would endure severe beatings and be forced to convert to Islam in order to obtain protection from violent prison gangs.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Dentist Opens Up In Halifax

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Narcissistic ponce Morrisey talking nonsense as usual

According to the pop "icon" Morrisey if more men were homosexual then there would be less wars and violence.  So why is it a vast percentage of serial killers are bisexual/homosexual.  And why is it that homosexual relationships have a high rate of violence and drug and alcohol abuse.  Once again Morrisey is sucking up to homosexuals and deviants.  Although Morrisey claims to be asexual he has written a number of songs on the theme of homosexuality.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weyman Bennett Unite Against Fascism

George Galloway alien mutated version

We are not on steroids honestly !

Weyman Bennett describes the size of one his faeces that has blocked numerous toilets in the U.K

Report on Gerry Adams visit to the London Irish centre

Gerry Adams a former I.R.A terrorist delivered a speech yesterday at the London Irish centre.  The conference was aimed at promoting peace and harmony throughout the world.  Gerry (see main photo) who is now a member of Sinn Fein was previously known as "blow job Gerry" due to using a blow torch to torture political opposition and to extort money from people.  Others have stated that Gerry`s nick name was christened via other activities including nocturnal prowling in the local park in the early hours of the morning.  The meeting at the Irish centre was hailed a success and was attended by around 60 people. The centre managed to sell 1400 pints of guiness and dozens of plastic leprechauns.  Maps of Ireland were also sold for people of Irish descent who wish to discover their ancestry, and go for a night out in Dublin town centre.

Gerry Adams condemned British colonialism and stated that Brits should not be in Ulster or Ireland, Gerry stated that he welcomed people from places like Somalia and Pakistan, and that corner shops were now a major part of society.  Gerry`s surname actually traces back to Scotland, so Adams himself is of non Irish origin.  The conference was met by angry protesters who accused Adams of being a terrorist, bricks and bottles were hurled at Adams who managed to sneak into the building via a rear exit, no arrests were made. Matthew Collins was also due to speak at the conference but got lost in the local Mcdonalds and ended up in the kitchen eating burgers and chips before being escorted off the premise by the security. Matthew then decided to go to a local off licence and buy some tins of special brew lager.  The day was hailed a success by members of the republican community who want to see the Union flag banned and the British Isles broken up into pieces and fragmented with a pneumatic drill.  Gerry has also stated that he now has a number of Irish builders and tarmac companies that are ready to sabotage Britain`s roads in order to achieve the break up of the British union.  Adams has remained unrepentant about his terrorist activities and stated that it was all part of the cause.  After the conference Gerry enjoyed several pints of Guiness and took part in tarmacking some local drive ways in which he charged ten thousand pound for a thin layer of tarmac.

Love Music Hate Racism 1970`s themed disco nights

Love music hate racism an associated organisation of Unite Against Fascism are now hosting 1970`s themed discos in Skipton North Yorkshire.  Wayne Easton a local DJ has volunteered to host the 70`s style disco.  Easton is now distributing Afro style wigs and flared trousers and shirts with large lapels in order to encourage people to socialise and breakdown cultural barriers.  The disco aims to promote multiculturalism in the all White area of Skipton,  Easton now intends to construct a flare gun that fires flared trousers at people, this is just in case the disco gets attacked by fascists.  Easton is due to construct the flare gun using pieces of drain pipe and scrap metal.  People who wish to attend the disco must be wearing flares or they will be denied access to the disco, Easton is now measuring the width of people`s trousers with a tape measure to check if they qualify for entrance.

A day of action was launched as a fund raiser for the event, Weyman Bennett performed a bungy jump over the river Ribble but the elastic cord snapped and Bennett had to be rescued by the local fire brigade who were drinking in a nearby pub.  Matthew Collins from Hope Not Hate stated that he would be attending the disco and that the far right were a group of slags and criminals.  Since announcing the event the Black sheep tavern in Skipton has received a number of malicious phone calls believed to have been made from the far right group Casuals United which is run by "reformed" football hooligans from a secret location in the Welsh mountains.  Casuals United have announced that they intend to set up a rival organisation called "Hate Music Love Racism".  Anti Fascists have stated that the situation with far right groups is so grave and serious that Anti Fascists have now had to set up "Anti Fascist alert stations" in areas where there is a high concentration of Nazi activity.  The stations have sliding poles which lead to transport where Anti Fascists can leave the premise immediately and confront Fascists.  The Anti Fascists also carry cleaning material to remove graffiti from walls and toilets that have been attacked by Fascists.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Halifax celtic appreciation society

Supporters of Glasgow celtic have now founded an appreciation society in Halifax town centre aimed at providing a safe house for members of the republican community in West Yorkshire.  A number of anti fascists now regularly assemble in Halifax town centre and provide free drinks for selected members of the community.  Halifax has a massive history of fighting Fascism and members of the republican community would regularly leave their house lights on during second world war bombardments in order to alert German fighter pilots.  A number  of German refugees have now settled in Boothtown Halifax where they have merged with members of Labour party from Halifax and members of the Hebden Bridge appreciation society for Palestinian terrorists.

Alice Mahon a former Labour MP  who attended a number of conferences in Palestine in order to plea to wealthy residents in Calderdale for funding stated that she was delighted that Halifax could be a focal point for members of minority groups including  Pakistani heroin dealers and members of the anti British labour party.  The group is now holding regular meetings at the Halifax Irish club  near Halifax town centre.  A number of local residents have now complained to the local council about having to avoid bricks being thrown through their windows at 2 A.M in the morning. Halifax council  said that it was delighted that the town was now celebrating diversity by injecting heroin and being hit over the head by gangs of Pakistanis armed with iron bars and bricks.  Alice Mahon a former grooming victim that had secretly married a Pakistani is now holding meetings for famished members of the republican community on hunger strike that have dug a tunnel through to Mcdonalds near Halifax library.

Micky Colvin a local bar owner who used to run the Santa Fe bar at the bottom of Gibbet Street (see above photo) from Hopwood lane Halifax stated that the republican community had a long history of forging links with members of the Pakistani community.  Colvin`s previous business venture went into liquidation when he received a fractured skull by a Jamacian Yardie brandishing a table leg.  The pub later burned down by a foolish rastafarian that accidentally set fire to his own dreadlocks.  Alice Mahon also stated that she enjoyed wearing traditional Muslim garments and used to attend parties hosted by Christa Ackroyd (who is a staunch left winger and Anti B.N.P fanatic) and former television host Richard Whitley.  Whitley was a staunch Yorkshire patriot and stated that Southerners had no place in Yorkshire and should be repatriated to South of Yorkshire.  Whitley also suggested that Southerners should be forced to endure weekends at Scarborough and be made to eat bread and dripping and drink Yorkshire bitter manufactured from Sheffield sewage works until they vomited.

A number of I.R.A suporters have been actively involved in crime in order to fund the I.R.A directly, Rory O Neil from Dyer lane Wheatley is a typical I.R.A supporter with a number of convictions for burglary and shop lifting, O Neil expresses his support blatantly for the I.R.A after a few pints of Guiness and a bit of shop lifting from pound stretcher`s, O Neil`s dad is a builder and has connections with the I.R.A, he can be frequently seen working long hours on building residential properties with a pneumatic drill and a scruffy donkey jacket while singing Irish rebel songs.  Rory`s brother is now famously known as "Tony O Magic" where he is rated as one of Britain`s best illusionists.  Tony performed at the Halifax Victoria theatre where he made Cass Pennant turn white, and made a number of I.R.A terrorists disappear and resurface at Alcoholics anonymous at Hopwood lane Halifax, but as yet Tony has been unable perform the art of making people disappear at his shows, although he has been practicing the trick, hopefully once Tony masters the technique his brother Rory will be the first person that he manages to make disappear "into thin air" permanently, meanwhile ST Patrick`s day was a major success and was celebrated by the republican community who put on a buffet for themselves of bread and dripping and poitin which had been distilled near a nuclear power station and had some strange and bizarre effects on the revelers (see photo below) and alcoholics who had gathered to pay homage to ST Patrick.

Matthew Collins Hope Not Hate

Good riddance

Hopefully now that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have left the E.D.L, the movement might return to its original cause instead of posing with ethnic minorities and sexual deviants.

Unite Against Fascism in Exeter

Has the establishment cloned Tommy Robinson?

With the recent defection to the Quilliam foundation by Tommy Robinson the self styled leader of the E.D.L, many E.D.L supporters are posing the question "has the establishment cloned Tommy Robinson"?.  Many E.D.L supporters are in amazement at Tommy`s u turn in regards to Islam and what could be the possible motive behind the change.  A close associate of Tommy stated that Tommy was acting strange in the days leading up to the announcement and had a distant vacant look about him, Tommy was also talking in an emotionless metallic voice.  Many of Tommy`s associates were concerned for him when he attended the police station, and some were very concerned that the police could try cloning Tommy.  Ginner Binns a gay rights activist from Halifax stated that he was disappointed that Tommy had quit the E.D.L as he had put gay rights on the map, Binns is considered a local martyr in the gay scene after surviving a homophobic hit and run car accident in which he was left for dead in the road by a group of local Pakistanis.  Rory "O" Neil a representative from Irish Republican Burglars Against Nazis stated that he was devastated at Robinson`s departure, "O" Neil stated that he would be launching a protest against Robinson`s departure by stealing radios from people`s houses in the Halifax region.

The police still need to keep tabs on E.D.L supporters and they are now considering sending some of Michael Jackson`s chimpanzees into outer space to spy on E.D.L supporters.  Special branch have been involved in political sabotage for a very long time, also they have been involved in violence against the police by throwing bricks at them on environmentalist marches as well as impregnating hippies and other environmental protesters all in the name of espionage.  The police were also seen laughing and joking with Antifa members during a violent mob rampage in Brighton.  The police also facilitated the blinding of nurse by Antifa supporters in Brighton, this poses the question of establishment interference and sabotage of street protest movements in order to discredit them.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Che Guevara bar in Bradford now hosting Marxist disco nights

The Che Guevara bar in Bradford is now hosting Marxist discos on Friday and Saturday nights.  There will be a promotional offer on drinks and free entrance for people dressed in Che Guevara costumes.  The club believes in free speech and human rights, but also has a no platform for fascists policy and anyone who disagrees with the club`s policies will be taken down into the basement where there is a fully equipped torture chamber.  They will then be tortured with electrodes and then put in the back of the van and driven up to the moors and discarded in a ditch. The club will also be serving bottles of sulphuric acid to throw at political opponents.

George Galloway recently attended the club and danced to records by the clash and the manic street preachers, George said that the club was a move in the right direction and could convert ordinary members of the public into Communists.  Dave Jones a political activist from Todmorden stated that if it was acceptable to have a bar dedicated to a Communist terrorist then it should acceptable to have a bar paying homage to Adolf Hitler.  Jones is now in discussion with Barclay`s bank about setting up a Nazi themed club with images of Hitler on the windows and a crematorium in the kitchen where Jones is planning to dispose of local Labour party activists after he has removed parts of the flesh to sell to tescos supermarket as horse meat.

The police carry out a stop and search on three suspects at the notting hill carnival

Friday, 11 October 2013

Darth Vader named as new E.D.L leader

Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins have now named the new leader of the English Defence League. Darth Vader a far right activist who keeps his identity concealed has been named as the new leader in the global counter Jihad movement.  Vader is also anti semitic and homophobic and once had one of his storm troopers executed for drinking in a gay bar.  Vader has a conviction for assaulting a Jewish school teacher who was peeling off a B.N.P sticker from a bus stop.  Vader`s storm troopers were based on Hitler`s SS but with more violent tendencies.  Darth was also head of Skrewdriver security providing protection for Ian Stuart and his associates.  Vader has a terrifying far right history and has attended Klu Klux Klan meetings and meetings by the British group combat 18.  Once Vader and a number of skinheads kidnapped Nick Lowles to check if he had been circumcised, Lowles was left tied to a lamp post in canal street only to be greeted hours later by a heavily intoxicated Matthew Collins who just happened to be in the vicinity.  The E.D.L is now set to shift further to the right under Vader`s leadership.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Full report on Islamic extremist conference closed down by Hope Not Hate

Hope Not Hate can proudly announce that they have managed to close down a proposed Islamic extremist conference that was due to feature hate preachers.  Edmonton Islamic centre was due to host hate preachers who believe that homosexuality is abnormal and against nature and that the cure for the condition is to throw homosexuals off the top of mountains.  This is unacceptable and we cannot allow this to happen.

Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles visited the Islamic centre a couple of hours before the conference was due to commence.  The Taliban members were inside with machine guns and rocket launchers and they had Michael Barrymore and Boy George tied up in the back who they were later going to throw off the top building to prove to the general public that they mean serious business.  Lowles confronted the extremists immediately and called them a group of thugs, Lowles stated that if the extremists did not leave the premise immediately then he would chain himself to some railings outside.  Matthew Collins feeling the worse for wear then suddenly broke wind, blowing a hole in the Islamic centre wall.  The Taliban immediately abandoned the conference believing that they were under attack from the security forces. Matthew Collins then rescued Boy George and Michael Barrymore and took them back to his flat for refreshments while Nick Lowles sprayed E.D.L on the rear entrance of the Islamic centre just in case the building caught fire later on.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tommy Robinson

Kosher activist Tommy Robinson set to convert to Islam after condemning the E.D.L as thugs and nazis

Tommy Robinson the leader of the English Defence League has announced that he is quitting the group. Tommy stated that he was unable to come to terms with an incident at an E.D.L demonstration which became known as the Muslamic ray guns incident.  Tommy condemned the movement as being full of Nazis and racists and morons, and that the E.D.L was too out of control.  Tommy has been studying the Koran and recently discovered Allah while emptying his rubbish bins, in which Allah directly communicated with Tommy from an empty tin of Stella Artois  and ordered Tommy to resign from the E.D.L and condemn the far right as being a menace to society and a terror threat.  Both Tommy and Kevin Carroll have decided to convert to Islam and grow ginger beards and be part of the ginger convert phenomenon that is sweeping the British Isles.  Tommy denied being an M.I.5 infiltrator who was paid to sabotage the movement.  He also denied being in a safe house in Tel Aviv when he was supposed to be serving a prison sentence.  From day one Robinson has been a devout supporter of multiculturalism and gay rights and Israel, Robinson would frequently launch verbal tirades against the B.N.P using the term "Nazi" more than Weyman Bennett.  All of this points to left wing/establishment subversion.  Tommy is now the new Matthew Collins.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Unite Against Fascism assemble a giant inflatable sheep in Dundee town centre

The Scottish Defence were met yesterday by counter protesters from Unite Against Fascism in Dundee town centre.  The U.A.F assembled a giant inflatable sheep to represent the Scottish rural community.  A U.A.F spokesperson with a middle class English accent stated that the U.A.F represented normal ordinary people in Scotland and that the demonstration contained local farmers dressed in wellington boots and kilts who had brought along their Aberdeen angus cattle who also supported Unite Against Fascism. Weyman Bennett stated that he was looking forward to eating them after the demonstration and consuming traditional Scottish haggis made out of Martin Smith`s testicles.  Weyman Bennett said that he was very pleased that local people had come out again to oppose the Nazis who were dressed in jack boots and trench coats.  Bennett posed for photographs and signed his autograph to dozens of his supporters who had traveled all over the British Isles to support him.  Weyman also has a number of celebrity aqcuaintances including veteran Anti Nazi League supporter and manic depressive Billy Oddy and serial womaniser Bruce Forsyth who had now had to cancel a number of appearances due to running out of amphetamine sulphite.

Bruce Forsyth in urgent need of some amphetamine

One of Weyman Bennett`s communist thugs harassing a female patriot

George Galloway statement on the U.A.F

The U.A.F are a scourge who seek to sow division wherever they go.  Time and time again White British people are too afraid to go out due to violence and racist abuse by the U.A.F`s allies the M,D.L who are a racist anti White organisation.  Gerry Sutcliffe and myself have asked the local police commissioner to ban the U.A.F and prohibit them from entering Bradford city centre and to ban Weyman Bennett from fast food outlets.  Multicultural Bradford has brought crime and violence and grooming gangs and dangerous drugs like heroin into the area.  Galloway stated that he would not be attending the Bradford multicultural event, and that his colleague Pete Burns (see main photo) was now too afraid to venture into Bradford city centre because of the threat of homophobic violence from the M.D.L.  Galloway also stated that he now had to cancel a visit to a poodle show that him and Pete Burns were due to attend

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Nick Lowles now being used as a human ashtray

Nick Lowles has finally spoken out about the state of the Hope Not Hate "organisation".  Lowles runs Hope Not Hate with former Nazi and police informer Matthew Collins.  It has now emerged that Collins has been "throwing his weight around" and bullying Lowles.  Collins is a heavy drinker and has been consuming tins of  nine percent special brew lager while typing out articles on the far right, this explains why Matty`s articles are full of spelling errors and bizarre accusations.  At the same time Matty has been using Nick Lowles as a human ashtray.  Lowles is now being forced to crawl around with an ashtray on his head while Matty stubs cigarettes out on Lowles`s head.  Collins frequently plays Gary Glitter records during his heavy drinking sessions, Matty`s favourite Glitter song is "Leader Of The Gang" and Matty can be heard shouting along to the intro "come on come on" while under the influence of special brew.  The donations sent in to Hope Not Hate are being used to fund Matty`s addiction to special brew which now costs two pound fifty a can.  Meanwhile Lowles has turned his attention to the U.K independence party which he claims is a "Nazi" and "fascist" organisation because they want to stop immigration.  Lowles claims that Hope Not Hate represents every "decent" person in the country.  Lowles has also been bragging about having ten pound sent in via cheque from one stupid leftist.

Matthew Collins from Hope Not Hate`s pet dog

Weyman Bennett now flirting with 1970`s retro fashion